The TI11 finals are about to start, Aster will face Liquid, and the live broadcast room of station B will be locked!

As the game progresses, there are only 4 teams left on the TI11 arena, namely Secret, Tundra and Liquid from Western Europe, and our CNDOTA’s only seed Aster!

These 4 teams will fight fiercely for the honor of the Immortal Shield, and netizens are also looking forward to this. After all, there are still a lot of things worth discussing in this TI11 event.

On the first day of the knockout round, it was a pity that EG of the winner group was killed by the personally selected TA, and the team of the winner group had a second chance, but the BO1 competition of the loser group was also very fierce. The first day was filled with the bloodiest atmosphere.

The South American derby Hokori still lost to Big Brother bc, becoming the first team to be eliminated in the TI11 main event, and the defending champion Spirit was suppressed by BOOM and left the TI stage directly, which was unexpected.

Of course, the most unlucky one should be RNG. Four people in the team were positive and forced to quarantine. The company of Xnova and the four bears also made many netizens feel very sympathetic!

Although no one could be there, RNG still showed the spirit of never giving up. In their match against Entity, they played the longest match in the history of the TI main match, lasting 107 minutes.

It’s a pity that he was eventually pushed off the base by the super soldier. RNG also regretted saying goodbye to this TI stage, and Somnus also announced his retirement after the game, which also made many people express that their youth is over!

However, good news came on the second day of the knockout round. Both Aster and LGD defeated their opponents, which also made netizens very happy, but bad news came after the game. It turned out that the players on the scene could hear the commentary.” report”.

Such an operation also caused heated discussions among netizens, and many netizens complained one after another.

Later, the match on the third day of the knockout round was called a Western European exhibition match. The battle between the six Western European teams on the field was also very exciting. Secret and Tundra locked the upper bracket final in advance, ensuring that there would be a Western European team in the final.

Outside the arena, the official released a set of game data showing the five players with the most kills in TI history. Everyone used to be a superstar on the field and was famous, but now there is only one person left on the field, MATU, which is also a sigh!

On the fourth day of the knockout round, the journey of the LGD loser group stopped at the stars. LGD stayed in the top six in this TI trip. At the same time, congratulations to Aster, who rushed into the semi-finals of TI and reached the final stage!

The last four teams will start on October 29th. At 12:00, Tundra and Secret will have a fierce duel, and then at 15:00, Aster will play against Liquid, and Aster will be the last team in the Chinese division. The team that gave hope has attracted a lot of attention, and there are also many netizens cheering for it, hoping they will win the championship!

As one of TI’s most popular broadcasting platforms, Station B, the “Aster Support Action” and “Final Script Prophet” activities are underway, with a bonus of 100,000 yuan to help Dota authors produce content; what’s more worth mentioning is that tea Every time the team wins a game, station B will draw a YVR glasses in the live broadcast room and give it away.

If your friends like this game very much, then you should go to station B to watch TI11 together. From October 29th to October 30th, witness the birth of the champion. Can the Aster team successfully break through and become the final champion? ? Let’s go to station B to cheer for CNDOTA and cheer for TI11 together!