The three-year period is coming, and Changan Ford has fallen behind

Editor’s introduction: Changan Ford’s footsteps have obviously lagged behind this era.

It has been less than 70 days before the end of 2022, and there is not much time left for Changan Ford.

In 2021, Changan Ford’s annual sales volume will be 305,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 20.3%. At present, according to available information, Changan Ford’s cumulative sales from January to September 2022 are less than 200,000 vehicles, and it will hit 100,000+ sales in the remaining quarter, which is even more difficult for the current Changan Ford.

“2022 is the product year of Changan Ford.” Chen Xiaobo, executive vice president of Changan Ford’s national sales and service organization, said frankly in an interview with the media that this year Changan Ford launched a new generation of Mondeo, a new Focus, and a new version of the new Explorer three classic models. The replacement of models also showed enough sincerity.

Changan Ford is trying to find the key point of brand and sales breakthrough in the last year of Ford’s three-year plan in China by accelerating the introduction of new products, and even return to the mainstream position of joint venture brands. But in terms of its current sales performance, its performance is really not bright enough.

Product support is not enough

Judging from the current situation of Changan Ford, in the third year of making the “more Ford, more China” commitment, Changan Ford needs more competitive products to support. As Chen Anning, president and CEO of Ford China, said, “Changan Ford needs a big breakthrough.” For this reason, Changan Ford will launch the new Focus, the new Explorer and the first strategic model Ford EVOS of “Ford China 2.0” in 2022, but it seems that Changan Ford’s calculus has failed.

For example, the Changan Ford New Focus launched in June this year. Although Changan Ford has made a compromise to the market and replaced its engine with a four-cylinder engine, its sales in September were only 1,389 units, compared with the previous monthly sales of 30,000 units. Than, really not worth mentioning. For another example, the Ford EVOS, the first strategic model of the highly anticipated “Ford China 2.0”, sold 466 units in September, down 39.6% month-on-month, basically becoming an unpopular model. Judging from the new products launched by Changan Ford, it seems that Changan Ford has not yet found its own “explosion point”.

Frequent replacements are not beneficial

What troubles Changan Ford is not only the decline in sales, but also the frequent replacement of its executives is not conducive to the follow-up development of Changan Ford.

In the four years since 2018, Changan Ford has been the sales manager of Siyi. In June this year, Lu Yi, the former vice president of Changan Ford and president of the national sales and service organization, also officially resigned. There are reports that the main reason for Lu Yi’s departure is that he did not meet Ford China’s expectations. So far, Lu Yi has also become the fourth sales president of Changan Ford to resign in recent years after Li Hongpeng, Liu Yuehai and Yang Song.

The less-than-expected sales performance led to the sad departure of several presidents, and frequent high-level personnel changes led to a lack of coherence and unity in the company’s strategic thinking and management methods, and the marketing strategy could not be effectively continued, which in turn continued to affect sales. This has become an endless loop that Changan Ford has been unable to jump out of in recent years.

After Lu Yi left, Changan Ford was slow to find a suitable successor. He Xiaoqing, the company’s president, will temporarily manage the business of Changan Ford’s vice president of marketing, sales and service and president of the national sales and service organization while performing his current duties.

Under the pressure, it is still a mystery whether Changan Ford can find the next suitable successor.

behind the times

Changan Ford seems to be making more changes for the Chinese market, but in fact, it does not seem to find the right direction.

According to the report of the China Automobile Association, since 2021, the overall growth rate of the domestic automobile industry has slowed down, and the internal structure differentiation has become more significant. The penetration rate of new energy vehicles represented by electrification and intelligence has increased rapidly. “China’s passenger car market is rebounding, and new energy vehicles are the main driving force.” China Automobile Association said that it is expected that the domestic passenger car market sales in 2022-2025 will be 23.70 million, 2464.8, 25.387, and 26.149 million, an increase of 10.4% and 4.0% year-on-year respectively. %, 3.0%, 3.0%. The sales volume of new energy vehicles and passenger vehicles was 6.500, 850.0, 10.625 and 13.281 million units, a year-on-year increase of 120.3%, 30.8%, 25.0% and 25.0% respectively, and the penetration rates reached 27.4%, 34.5%, 41.9% and 50.8% respectively.

It is an established fact that the market for fuel vehicles will be continuously squeezed and new energy is the general trend, but Changan Ford seems to have just understood this truth.

On September 26, Ford China announced that Ford Electric Mach Technology will start operations in China, which is also a new upgrade of the “Ford China 2.0” plan in the era of intelligent electrification. Chen Anning said that Ford China will use a brand-new platform to present Ford’s accumulated strength in electrification and intelligence to Chinese consumers.

But Changan Ford’s footsteps are clearly behind the times.

“The most important thing for Changan Ford is self-help. For Changan Ford, which has nothing to lose, it is necessary to re-examine the changes in demand in the domestic market with a zero mentality, and use a series of revolutionary changes to heal wounds and rebuild products. Competitiveness and good reputation, regain user attention and trust.”