The three professions can’t be brought in either. Fly Ma Chao beat Guan Yu, and after the game, he saw “42 credit points deduction”

The seventh anniversary of the glory of the king has recently dominated the hot search on major platforms. In addition to the basic skin return, the seventh anniversary of Guiguzi has been recognized by all players. I have to admit that the Honor of Kings has indeed put a lot of effort into promoting traditional Chinese culture. Careful summoners should also have discovered that the Honor of Kings anniversary skins are all designed around traditional Chinese culture.

The second anniversary of the garden Jingmeng promoted the traditional culture of opera, the third anniversary of Yang Yuhuan’s encounter with Feitian demonstrated the greatness of Dunhuang culture, the fourth anniversary of Shangguan Wan’er paid tribute to Liang Zhu, the fifth anniversary of Pei Chahu and Bruce Lee’s skin carried forward traditional Chinese martial arts, and the sixth anniversary Zhuang Zhou praised the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and the seven-year-old Guiguzi inherited the five-grain culture. Combining games with traditional culture is a really good job.

On the other hand, the major game live broadcast platforms have also started to hold their own events based on the popularity of the seventh anniversary of the glory of the king. The Thunder Cup held by Huya has recently launched a new round of competitions, because KPL is still in the off-season. , so the Thunder Cup invited many KPL starters, such as fly, Jin Yu, Pengpeng and so on.

The Bullish Team (Meng Lan, Pocket, Xiangyu, Milu) led by FLy played against the Smiley Team (Beasts, Jinyu, Tiantianke, Sledgehammer) led by Pengpeng. In one of the matches, Fly’s Ma Chao is against Guan Yu, after all, he is the top wing of KPL. Fly’s understanding of Ma Chao is perfect, and he has always pressed Guan Yu under the tower to fight.

In addition to the confrontation road, the other branches also gained advantages one after another. In the end, Fly’s bullish team defeated Pengpeng’s grinning team. It is worth mentioning that after coming to the settlement panel, everyone found that Guan Yu’s nickname was called “Credit points deducted 42”, everyone couldn’t help laughing when they saw this scene, very fitting.

At the end of the article, Axuan wants to remind everyone that in the current voting for the seventh anniversary of the glory of the king, the monkey’s grandson walker is far ahead in the votes. Summoners who want to return to other skins should work hard and canvass for votes!