The three best moments of birth are to be born with a good life and enjoy glory and wealth throughout your life!

There are 12 hours in a day. Depending on the time of birth, the corresponding destiny will be completely different. People born at certain times are born with better fortunes, so they can go smoothly in this life. But there are also some people who were born in bad times and bad days, so their fate will be rough. Today I would like to share with you, at what time people are born, they are born to be rich and have a good life, and they will enjoy prosperity and wealth throughout their lives. Let’s take a look!

Born at You time

People born between 5 pm and 7 pm are delicate-minded, gentle and considerate, compassionate, have plans in doing things, and have a beginning and an end. People born in Youshi are born with good luck, and with the blessing of the God of Wealth, they will have long-term prosperity and abundant wealth, and they will never be short of money to spend when they grow old!

midnight (23:00-1:00)

People born in the Zi period are born with good fortune and wealth, and can fly high into the clouds. Women are rich, well-behaved, sensible, and beautiful. Men achieve success and great ambitions. They are all people with profound blessings and mercy from God. People born in the Zi period will be blessed with abundant fortune, high spirits, long life, riches and deep wealth. The road of life will be smooth and smooth, your life will be rich and prosperous, and you will have no worries about food and clothing and be prosperous throughout your life.

Chen Shisheng (07:00-08:59)

People born at this time are very brave and strong when they are young, and they can bring good luck to their parents as soon as they are born. Therefore, people born at this time are the ones who truly change the fate of their parents and are the noble people in their parents’ lives. As long as there are children born at this time in the family, the parents’ good luck will not stop. No matter how poor their family was before they were born, after they are born, their family conditions will become increasingly wealthy, and they will eventually become a wealthy family. Therefore, as long as there are children born at this time in the family, parents can safely make a lot of money.