The T0 lineup in the current environment of the Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition, the 11-game winning streak is directly unparalleled in the world!

  Foreword: This article first published the official account of [Three Wars with General Jun’s Helper], and it is not authorized to prohibit “plagiarism” to other platforms.

  Author: Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition with General Jun

  Hello everyone, I am the general of the three battles. I will help you to reclaim the wasteland and make the list every day. I will tell you the choice of military generals to seek talents. I hope I can help you!

  Which teams can reach T0 strength in the current environment of the Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition? Some players said that Manhong Taiwei shield, some players said that Manhong Wu guns and unicorn bows, the final answer is on different servers, due to the difference in the environment of the opponent team, resulting in There is no single answer, especially because Taiweidun is currently being targeted relatively weakly. When it first came out, it was indeed relatively brainless! Apart from these recognized mainstream teams, I personally feel that the top version of SP Wumouchen is absolute. Strong teams have a high overall winning rate in actual combat. Not only are there not many natural enemies, but they can often play 10 consecutive wears in the high-red zone, with a record of more than 10,000 military exploits, which is quite comfortable! Next, I will arrange a wave of this lineup for you. The specific gameplay under the strongest configuration!

  SP Xun Yu’s five counselors’ gameplay – the details are SP Xun Yu’s food and temporary avoidance

  The choice of tactics is as follows:

  SP Xun Yu – do your best to seek left and scrape the bones to cure poison, and take the military book – nine changes + aid him must attack + encourage the army + cover the virtual

  Jia Xu – Temporarily avoid Qifeng and Shi parting for three days, bring the military book – to rule and attack chaos + ghost conspiracy + divination

  SP Guo Jia——Capturing the Soul + Destroying the Frontier, Bringing the Military Books – Qi Zheng Xiangsheng + Wen Tao + Zhi Rui

  The battle report comes from the big guy – Gongsun Chiyi:

  He didn’t lose in 11 games in a row, and he was directly unparalleled in the world.

  In eight consecutive battles, with an average of more than 2,000 military exploits per game, he finally scored 1.9W in combat exploits.

  A wave of ten consecutive victories, with 14,562 achievements.

  Summary: This lineup is mainly used to play mid-to-late teams, especially mainstream lineups such as Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao. When encountering Wu’s various meat bows and Shu’s cavalry, they are basically mindless and busy! Talk and play The advantages are also the disadvantages. They are more afraid of Guan Mei’s arrogant control team, and there is the problem that the Qilin Bow and Wu Gun with Taiping are easy to draw. When the normal tactics are complete, this team can achieve the coexistence of 4 main teams in the case of the top match, which is completely enough for fighting merits and distinguishing winners and losers.