The Switch version of “Alan Wake: Remastered” suddenly officially launched

Although the developer Remedy has determined to develop “Alan Wake: Remastered Edition” for the Nintendo Switch platform at the previous anniversary event, players did not expect this game to be launched suddenly without warning and publicity. On sale! That’s right, today (October 21), “Alan Wake: Remastered Edition” has officially landed on the Switch platform.

Alan Wake: Remastered Switch launch trailer:

In Alan Wake: Remastered’s story, a hostile and supernatural dark presence takes control of everyone it touches and uses them against Wake. Wake has to wonder if he’s sane as the story unfolds in front of him, page by page. Facing the dark forces, he can only use a flashlight, a pistol, and the only remaining mind to fight against it. In search of answers to the bizarre and mysterious events in front of him, he embarks on a nightmare journey that is eventually led to the terrifying depths of the dark night.