The Star of China Coal Science Brand: Coal Sea Dragon – Integrated Rapid Excavation System of Excavation, Support and Transportation

Based on the urgent needs of intelligent and rapid roadway formation in coal mine excavation face, Taiyuan Research Institute of China Coal Science and Industry Group has developed the world’s first complete set of equipment for rapid excavation with integrated excavation, support and transportation. The complete set of equipment mainly includes bolt-digger integrated machine, bolt loader, continuous transportation system, remote centralized control system, etc. Through the remote centralized control system, the complete set of equipment is coordinated and controlled to form an integrated and automated operation line for excavation, support and transportation. It has created a new model of man-machine efficient collaborative intelligent excavation, filling the gap in this field in the world. Compared with the original excavation method, the excavation speed is increased by 2 to 3 times, and the number of operators is reduced by 2/3, which effectively alleviates the excavation imbalance and leads the development direction of coal mine excavation technology and equipment. “Coal Sea Dragon” helps green mines, and technological innovation creates the brand of Coal Science!

Contributed by: Taiyuan Research Institute

Editor: Liu Yan