The star exhibits of the last CIIE have a follow-up this year

Germany’s Kach, who is busy setting up its booth at the CIIE, has entered the final sprint stage.

This cleaning brand from Germany has been rooted in China for 20 years and has never been absent from the CIIE in the past five years. “Our booth area in the first session was less than 200 square meters, but this time we have a double booth of over 950 square meters, which is four times as much as the original one,” said Ke Ruilin, Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of Kach China.

The booth area that has been expanding year by year is the recognition of enterprises for the Expo. In addition, this year’s CIIE has set up a “exhibitor-to-investor” area for the first time, allowing exhibitors to share their own stories about China, and Kach has a 150-square-meter booth in it.

From the launch of new products to carbon neutrality actions, from the launch of “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” to the establishment of a global R&D center, Karcher’s layout in China and the debut of its exhibits in the past five years will be displayed in this 150 square meters.

An upgraded version of “Live Streaming with Goods”

Twenty years ago, the first wholly-owned subsidiary of German Kacher in China was established in Shanghai. Twenty years later, 31 Karcher centers have spread across 23 cities in China. The premise of scale expansion is strong market demand.

Especially under the current background, the market of cleaning products and services in China is unprecedentedly hot, people pay more attention to hygiene and health, and the requirements for product technology are rising, which brings new opportunities for KACH’s deep cleaning solutions. From 2020 to 2021, Karcher’s business in the Chinese market bucked the trend and achieved a rapid growth of 40%, with both exports and domestic markets hitting new highs.

The positive response from the market and the growing business in China have strengthened the company’s determination to deepen the Chinese market.

For Ke Ruilin, Chinese consumers play a variety of ways, including shopping festivals and live streaming. Therefore, the brand has also shifted the sales focus of some products online, expanded sales channels including Tmall, and other platforms, and popularized product knowledge to consumers through daily Douyin live broadcasts.

The China International Import Expo will be an upgraded version of “live streaming” for Kacher. “We feel more and more the boosting effect of the CIIE on the launch of new products. Therefore, we will also choose to use the CIIE as the stage for the debut of more new products, and use its powerful spillover effect to accelerate the transformation of exhibits into commodities. ” said Ke Ruilin.

For example, at the China International Import Expo last year, after the AI ​​intelligent cleaning robot exhibited by Kacher attracted the attention of government departments, it appeared at Hongqiao Station during the Spring Festival this year to help prevent epidemics during the Spring Festival. At present, nearly 100 high-speed railway stations in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have Kach cleaning equipment. The general demand for cleanliness also allowed Kacher to meet partners in various fields at the CIIE, including hospitals, hotels, real estate companies, etc.

Robots work at Hongqiao Station

From “import” to “export”

After participating in the first China International Import Expo, Kacher Group invested 380 million yuan to establish Kacher China headquarters in Changshu, integrating the resources of independently operated manufacturing plants, R&D centers and sales companies in China, and at the same time building a one-stop experience shop Kacher Center. . As the “spotlight” effect of the CIIE deepens the bond between companies and partners, the number of Karcher Centers has also increased.

Last year, Kacher increased its capital by 100 million yuan to increase investment in localization in China. Among them, the registered capital of Kacher Trading (China) in China increased by 110% to 105 million yuan; the registered capital of Kacher Investment (China) increased by 10% to 426 million yuan.

Scientific research investment is one of the main contents of the capital increase. The “big star” KIRA B 65, a clean exhibit at the CIIE, is an AI intelligent robot cooperating with local technology companies. From “import” to “export”, KACH brings overseas clean product technology to China, and now brings the new technology produced here to Germany and even the world. The journey of making”.

Also inspired by this, after the conference, Kacher invested another 100 million yuan and established a global R&D center in Suzhou in June this year, covering an area of ​​13,000 square meters, covering the company’s product and technology research and development in China, further rooting in China. market. “This indicates that our team will absorb more local scientific research talents in China.” Ke Ruilin said. He also found that to do things in China, insight into the local market and communication skills are essential. “Not only investing in technology and products, we also hope to cultivate talents and build a more localized team.”

At this year’s China International Import Expo, Kach will launch a local R&D robot KIRA B 10, hoping to continue its previous style.

Companions on the road to carbon neutrality

In addition to investment in scientific research and talents, Kacher also strongly supports China’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality and has announced that it will achieve carbon neutrality in global production by 2025.

Last year, the China International Import Expo established the Green Smart Home Appliances and Home Furnishing Special Committee. Kaher is one of the founding members. The alliance members also include companies such as BSH and Panasonic. Through a series of seminars, peer companies discussed how to help the green and sustainable development of the home appliance industry. “Although we are rivals, we are more partners on the road to carbon neutrality.” Ke Ruilin said bluntly, “It is the CIIE that brings us together, and I think this is its charm.”

Ke Ruilin is operating his own products

The water cycle is an important step for Karcher China to achieve its dual-carbon goal, and it will also be part of the exhibition at this CIIE.

For example, the water recycling treatment system developed by the Group. The gantry car-washing robot equipped with this system does not need to use bleach or separator for car-washing water. After washing a car, only one barrel of water is needed. It can also reuse 85% of car-washing wastewater, saving water resources and reducing operating costs. . The cleaning equipment has now been introduced by Sinopec gas stations in 21 cities in Guangdong Province, providing 24/7 automatic car wash services. The person in charge of Kach revealed that the new gantry car-washing robot will also appear at this CIIE and demonstrate the entire car-washing process for the audience on the spot.

“We have been investing in the Chinese market for some time, and the CIIE will make us believe that this is the right path.” Talking about the future investment direction in China, Ke Ruilin said with a smile: “Maybe we will be at the event next month. Get more inspiration.”