The special effects are outrageous, the modeling is thin, and the LOL is ugly and out of print with its strength. How many skins do you have?


Let me ask you a question, which skins in League of Legends do you think can become out-of-print skins? It is estimated that many players will say that they must be some very good skins, and fists are reluctant to take them out. A few skins are still quite special. They made themselves ugly out of print based on their strength. For example, the hero Amumu has a pharaoh skin. Do you think this skin is an ugly skin? In theory, this should be the ugliest skin of Amumu. Many players say that this is a silkworm baby. The skin is actually a bit more disgusting than the silkworm baby, and it feels like a maggot.

Little Mage

In fact, the hero of the little mage also has a collection skin. The reason why such a collection skin was able to be mixed at the beginning was because its own model and special effects were really bad. We can take a look at the hero of the little mage, although it is said Some time ago, the special effects and models of the skills were optimized, but Riot still understands us players very well. The overall model and special effects of this skin have not been upgraded, but only a little optimization has been carried out. This is still very ugly. The skin of her, it can only be said that the fist is still an out-of-print skin in order to make this skin, and it has not even been optimized. Looking straight at her, it can only be said that it is too miserable.


Undead God of War is a hero, in fact, I personally think that the ugliest skin at present must be this collection skin. Although most of the skins of Undead God of War are ugly at the beginning, you have to understand that it can be ugly like this. , is really rare, no wonder when fist gave the collection brand, he had to hang it up, everyone can take a look, does this collection skin of the undead god of war feel very bad overall? Although all kinds of small details have been designed, they are really slag, the special effects are a bit outrageous, and the key is that the modeling is still broken, so it should be reasonable to say that it is a collection skin, because even if you do not become Out of print skin, it seems that no player will like it.


What do you think of the hero’s collection skin of werewolf? Anyway, I don’t like this skin. When the werewolf hero was a big move and it was still a stable control skill, there were still many players who liked to play this hero, but the evaluation of this skin was not particularly high. It is also understandable that the hero of the werewolf itself is a hero that has been reworked once. The model and special effects have been upgraded a little, but even after the upgrade, it is still a skin that looks very rubbish. How could you like it? For most players, it is best to optimize such a skin again. If it is not optimized, no one will use it.


In fact, the hero Poppy can be regarded as a hero whose model has become beautiful after the rework, but even if it is like this, I believe that most players should not be able to accept Poppy’s hero’s collection skin. In fact, the current collection skin , After an optimization, it is already a relatively beautiful skin. Of course, what I am talking about is to compare it with the old version, because the old version of this Poppy is really ugly, not only the collection skin is ugly, other The skin is not good either. After all, after hanging up the collection brand, Fist doesn’t want to care about it.

wine barrel

Everyone should have discovered the hero of the wine barrel. The overall performance of the recent period is still very good, but this hero also has a skin that is ugly and out of print. It’s this skin that is very dark all over the body. I don’t even understand. When Fist was designing the skin, was there some problem with it? Why did it design such an ugly skin? The entire model will give a maximum of 20 points. The reason why this skin is ugly and out of print is because of the model, not because of the special effects.