The source and ecology of “Pokémon”: why is the Milip baby before the evolution of Milip Sister so cute?

When it comes to feminine Pokémon, many players will first think of high-valued Pokémon such as Shanaido and Blimwen, but the earliest Pokémon with feminine characteristics are indeed fascinated by the lips, although people Everyone has their own love, but I believe that most players are still a little bit complimented by the beauty of Milip sister. However, even such a Milip sister, the appearance before evolution is very cute, that is Milip baby, The cuteness of the Milip doll is so high that every time Musashi sees it in the animation, he wants to subdue it. Then, how can Milipa before the evolution of Milip sister be so cute?

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The habits of Miss Lips were already reflected when she was Miss Lips:

In fact, there are many places in the setting of Milip Baby, which are very similar to Milip sister, which are basically reflected in the point of “like kissing”. Try to touch and confirm with your lips, and you can use your lips to remember what you like and dislike.” If you start from this point, you can roughly know that Milip and Milip like relatives and Pokémon not because they like that person Or Pokémon, but in order to remember the smell of the target, it achieves the function of “marking”, just as the real snake uses the vomit to distinguish the direction and the target.

At the same time, the lip lover is also very beautiful, and it is also said in the picture book – “I will run around energetically, but I often fall down. After getting up slowly, I will run to the lake to take a picture of my face. , to see if there is any stains.” In order to prevent chapped lips, it smears the lips with tree sap to moisturize the lips. It can be said that it is a kind of Pokémon that pays great attention to self-care, and it has more female characteristics. Although no matter how well you maintain it, you can’t prevent yourself from becoming a Milip Sister after purifying yourself, and I don’t know if there are any trainers in the Pokémon world who don’t let Milip Baby purify in order not to let yourself have a Milip sister.

The source of the lip doll:

The actual source of Milip Baby basically refers to Milip sister. The saying in the encyclopedia is that the image comes from Japanese black girl (ガングロ), a type of girl who deliberately tanned her skin, dyed her hair blonde, and made exaggerated makeup. Before this Xiao Er also said when he introduced Milip Sister, Japanese black girls can be said to be a unique culture in an era, representing the arrogance of the younger generation. From a certain point of view, it is actually a bit similar to our side The popular non-mainstream culture, but the petite body of the Milip baby may be more similar to the younger girl than the Milip sister, or even a girl who deliberately imitates the black girl.

It should be said that the Milip baby and the Milip sister should have another evolution just like the electric shock beast and the duck-billed fire beast, if it is not the prototype of the Milip sister that caused a lot of controversy.