The source and ecology of “Pokémon”: Electric shock monster and duckbill baby, red and yellow CP tied together!

The first generation of electric shock beasts and platypus fire beasts actually have the feeling of being a dead enemy or a good friend in the official setting. Unfortunately, this has not been specifically expressed in the animation, which is mainly reflected in the These two have the appearance before the evolution in the second generation, and have the evolution type in the fourth generation, and the illustration number is always attached together, like the red and yellow CPs that are officially bound together from beginning to end , so in this article, we will introduce the electric shock monster and the duckbill baby together. The main reason is that these two words alone don’t have much space to say, so they will be said together.

PS: This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me.

Electric shock monster, more favored by animation:

First of all, the electric shock monster, this Pokémon is actually more favored by the animation. The number of episodes of the electric shock monster in the animation is much more than that of the duckbill baby. This may be because the electric shock monster gives people a little slickness Or the feeling of a gangster. Compared with the cute duck-billed baby who looks simple and honest, it can create various problems. In some Pokémon short films, the electric shock monster often appears in the image of “local big brother”, the most iconic feature. It can generate electricity while turning its arms, which is also a key feature in the illustrated book. The second generation said, “You can generate electricity by moving your arms in circles, but you will get tired soon, so you can only store a little electricity.” .

If you want to explore the prototype of the electric shock monster, you can know a thing or two from the design of the electric shock monster’s head. The image is based on the electrical plug, and the characteristics of discharge between its antennae and the habit of accumulating power of the wheel arm may refer to induction The electric shock monster has another feature. Because it is an electric-type Pokémon, the electric shock monster likes thunderstorms very much. When he hears the thunder and lightning, he will be very excited. From this, we can know that the electric shock monster should also use electricity. Food, this was taken seriously in the seventh generation, and the illustration of the seventh generation also mentioned that the electric shock monster and Togo Demar would compete for electricity, and there was a certain competition relationship.

The prototype of the duckbill baby:

The prototype of the duck-billed baby is relatively simple. Judging from the appearance characteristics and habits of living in the crater, the duck-billed baby may have referenced Shalomanda to a large extent, a mythological lizard-like flame elf. There have been many theories about the image of Romanda, including insects, birds, and many other faces. Romanda, Xiao Er has explained it in the small fire dragon and the duck-billed fire beast, so I won’t go into too much elaboration here.

And I heard that feeding the duckbill baby, it will happily spew out 600 degrees of flame, um, so the trainer is very dangerous when feeding the duckbill baby,,