The Shandong Division of the First IPv6 Technology Application Innovation Competition was launched in Liaocheng

On October 28, the Shandong Division of the First IPv6 Technology Application Innovation Competition was launched in Liaocheng. The kick-off meeting was carried out in a combination of online and offline methods. Shi Youkang, deputy chief engineer of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Gao Bin, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Network Information Office, Liu Qingfa, member of the Standing Committee of the Liaocheng City Party Committee and head of the United Front Work Department delivered speeches successively. The responsible comrades of departments, relevant industry associations and enterprises participated in the kick-off meeting.

This competition was hosted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the Provincial Party Committee Network and Information Office, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Provincial Big Data Bureau, the Provincial Communications Administration, and the Shandong Branch of the National Computer Network and Information Security Management Center. Liaocheng Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Liaocheng Municipal People’s Government, Shandong Computing Center (National Supercomputing Jinan Center), Shandong Economic and Information Development Research Institute, Shandong Information Resource Application Association, Shandong Communication Industry Association, Shandong Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Banner Information Co., Ltd., Fujian Wanwanyilian Network Technology Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communications Group Shandong Co., Ltd., and Liaocheng Digital Economy Association, China Mobile Communications Group Shandong Co., Ltd. Liaocheng Branch Co-organized.

At the meeting, Cao Jiguang, deputy director of the Institute of Technology and Standards, CAICT, introduced the situation of the first IPv6 technology application innovation competition. The theme of the competition is “Extremely Innovative Internet of Everything”, openly soliciting application solutions based on IPv6/IPv6+ nationwide, aiming to promote the integrated development of IPv6 and all walks of life, establish benchmark applications, stimulate industrial innovation, promote talent training, and prosper the industrial ecology. Support IPv6 in the demonstration and large-scale application of innovative technologies in key industries such as government, finance, energy, and transportation, enhance the ability of IPv6 networks to support digital transformation and upgrading, and facilitate high-quality economic and social development. As the first sub-competition area to be launched in the country, the Shandong competition area has given full play to its demonstration and leading role, widely mobilized the enthusiasm of all sectors of society to participate in the large-scale deployment and application of IPv6, effectively stimulated the innovation and creativity of various industries and fields, and has a great impact on the smooth progress of the national competition. Significance.

At the meeting, representatives from Shandong Computing Center, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communications Group, and Liaocheng Jinheng Smart City Operation Co., Ltd. made speeches on key IPv6 technologies and applications, digitalization of the IPv6 industry, IPv6 and 5G construction, and IPv6 security. exchange speeches.