The seventh anniversary of the glory of the king is fully exposed: the epic skin of Guiguzi is free to receive

The anniversary of the glory of the king, two new skins have been exposed one after another, Guiguzi’s Wugu anniversary skin, and Shiranuiwu’s legendary skin of the night, all anniversary activities will be launched on the 28th, so what are the contents?

In this update, there are still some small gift packages and sky curtains that are not painful or itchy, so I pass it directly here, because the interest in them is 0.

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Anniversary Limited Skin

This skin of Guiguzi has exploded in word of mouth. It is a very sincere work. The most important thing is that it can be obtained for free. At present, the activities of this skin in the official server have begun. You only need to play two 5v5 to complete the task of the day. Certain items can be exchanged for this skin for free.

Of course, another way to get it is to exchange it directly in the Fragment Mall on the 29th update. If there is not enough time, you can ignore this event if you have enough fragments.

Seventh Anniversary Special Events

Looking back at the King’s Star Road, this is an event that many old players are looking forward to. It’s not for the rewards here. I really want to know what interesting data I have accumulated after playing the King for so many years. According to the previous rules, I read my own. Data, at the end, you should be able to directly receive the special effects of returning to the city.

In addition, the trailing special effect event is now also open, and you can easily get items by accumulating items.

Rose Treasure Pavilion opens

This event is a fixed time four times a year, but unfortunately there is no new skin for this event, which may be disappointing for players who have been looking forward to it for a long time.

However, the opening of this event means that the corresponding Rose Heart event is also here. This time, you can accumulate up to 25 Rose Hearts, and there is a chance to directly get the optional chest of the skin of the Treasure Pavilion. This probability is very low, and non-European emperors cannot .

Limited skin return vote

Everyone knows that this is a must for the anniversary of the king over the years. I don’t know which skins will be able to return to the scene this time?

Due to the change of rules, the skins that returned to the game 17 years ago are no longer in the voting pool. Therefore, the heart of the engine that many players are thinking about is not in the list. Another “bad news” is that there has been Sun Xingzhe in recent years. In this way, at least The first two can’t get away.

The return rules are the same as before. 12 people who voted will return directly, and it is the ultimate return. 3-5 returnees can choose one of them to buy. However, next year’s voting return will not enter the voting pool, but there is no loss of the final return. field opportunities.

Log in on the 29th to get epic skins

Go online on the 29th, and share the event interface, you can get an epic skin treasure chest. This treasure chest will have an epic skin, but it is random. Skins, if all direct-sale skins have them, should convert to a certain amount of skin shards.

Log in on the 29th to get a star card

Log in to get it, and one star will be added automatically after you win the ranking, which is only valid for this season.

Mai Shiranui Hideyuki skin will be on the shelves in the early morning of the 29th

This skin is the same series of skins of “Ancient and Modern Story”. It is of the same quality as Lulu’s Qianchen Mirror and Tachibana Ukyo’s Maple Cream. It is still limited to legends, with a discount of 1430 points in the first week. Time has a place to use it.

Before the deadline, this skin has no exposure special effects, but according to the previous SNK skin quality, this time it should not let us down.

Shard Store Update

This time, the Fragment Store is directly updated, and Guiguzi’s anniversary skin will be added on the 29th. The four epic skins are Ake’s Night Catgirl, Rock Star, Kung Fu Chef and Daji’s Maid Coffee. Have you been looking forward to it for a long time? What about the one?

The above are the more important activities. Of course, there must be activities such as daily charging activities. So which activity do you have the highest expectations for? What are your thoughts on this year’s anniversary event?