The semi-finals are approaching, GEN was exposed to a fierce training match, Chovy: The goal is the championship, thank Zeyuan for cheering

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The exciting S12 competition is still in progress, and everyone who is following the schedule knows that the top four teams have had a rare break in the past few days. While the three LCK teams are happy, the pressure on JDG is too great. After all, JDG is not even training. It is difficult to find opponents in the game, and it is impossible to find the three major LCK teams. No matter who JDG plays against, their tactics will be exposed. The three major LCK teams must be one family, no doubt.

The semi-finals are just around the corner. JDG is under the most pressure. After all, it is the only hope for LPL. The least pressure is naturally GEN. Anyway, most people think that GEN has already locked in the finals in advance. When EDG and DRX faced off, netizens It is predicted that GEN will advance to the finals. After all, no matter who wins EDG or DRX, GEN is not afraid.

Not to mention, GEN’s quarterfinal match is very dangerous, DK almost made GEN shriveled, and GEN who survived this level feels even more difficult to deal with. Even if JDG defeated T1, it is not easy to beat GEN. , maybe as many people predicted, GEN will win the championship.

Anyway, the GEN players are very confident. No, when Chovy was interviewed by the media, he also bluntly stated that the goal this time is to be the champion. Interestingly, it also talked about Zeyuan, knowing that Zeyuan is GEN’s true fan, thank him for his support.

Those who follow the World Championship know that before the war, the state of the training game is very important. The boss revealed before that the T1 training game is stronger than GEN, and in the end, T1 really did not seal the RNG.

In the past few days, the news that the GEN training game is very fierce has also been spread. It seems that DRX is more fierce and less fortunate, and Deft is about to cry again. When he won EDG, he cried too early.

Looking forward to the birth of the S12 champion, the finals is likely to be T1 against GEN, and history repeats itself, but as LPL fans, I believe in the first-hand, JDG against GEN in the finals, what do you think?

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