The second season of Heartbeat is set for 72 hours, and Zhang Jiawen teased that AJ is biased towards married people!

For the vast majority of League of Legends players who often watch live broadcasts, they must be familiar with Zhang Jiawen, the popular anchor of the Huya League of Legends section. Zhang Jiawen has always been known as “the first male gun in national clothes, the dirtiest jungle textbook”. Self-proclaimed, with extremely strong personal game strength, at the same time, relying on his humorous personality and excellent rectification ability, Zhang Jiawen can always bring unexpected program effects to netizens, and all kinds of funny fox words during this period also Always making the live broadcast room full of laughter and laughter, he is a rare technical and funny game anchor in the circle.

I believe that netizens who have been paying attention to Zhang Jiawen’s live broadcast know that Zhang Jiawen has completely released himself since he appeared on the live broadcast. Not only does he often have dreamy linkages with beautiful anchors of various styles, but he also often participates in outdoor activities, just like Zhang Jiawen participated some time ago. The love variety show “72 Hours of Heart” officially launched by Huya. During the period, the lovely burying with the female guests was also a variety of tidying up, attracting countless netizens to come to watch, but because Zhang Jiawen was very inferior in front of the girls, he was rejected by various people. This kind of girl made a choice, and finally ended in failure in the confession link.

It is worth mentioning that recently Huya officially announced that the second season of “72 Hours of Heart” will be officially opened in Xiamen on the 28th. At the same time, Zhang Jiawen is still in the list of invited guests. The interesting thing is that during this time Zhang Jiawen began to link up with beautiful anchors crazily. Today, Zhang Jiawen is also full of information. In a recent live broadcast, Zhang Jiawen also expressed confidence that he can recognize more girls.

At present, the list of the second season of “72 Hours of Heart” has been determined. In addition to Zhang Jiawen and Zisheng, AJ from Jiangou Media is also involved. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Jiawen and AJ did not deal with it very much because of burying. Do you know whether Jiangou Media or Nanning No. 1 Cricket can win the favor of female guests in this Lianzong live broadcast? Interested players can go to a certain tooth and pay attention to the second season of “72 Hours of Heart”!