The second round of the Thunder Cup exhibition match ended. The two teams laughed throughout the whole process. They understood the essence of the exhibition match too well.

Recently, the Thunder Cup group stage has ended. In this Thunder Cup event, an exhibition match has been added. Compared with the excitement of the official competition, the highlight of the exhibition competition is the joy. In the second round of the Thunder Cup exhibition match, the Bullish Team led by FLY players faced off against the Smiley Team led by Pengpeng. Both teams understand the essence of the exhibition game very well. Under the frequent occurrence of various situations, the audience and players are happy!

In the first game between the two sides, the choice of the two 100-dan shooters caused a lot of controversy. In the end, neither of them chose a shooter, but played the hero they wanted to play! This kind of start means that the focus of this event will be on happiness. And the follow-up game is indeed developed according to this idea. FLY chose Mozi again, and it seems that he already has an obsession with this hero. And Jinyu is also the reverse version, winning Baili Xuance. This is to prove that the strongest is the person, not the version?

The exhibition game is also a game, and there are many things to watch in this competition. There were a lot of fighting scenes between the two sides, and the heads broke out frequently, and the viewing experience was very good. Meng Lan and Peng Peng are both players of the DRG.GK team. They have always only had the opportunity to cooperate, and have not had the opportunity to compare each other. Then this time, Meng Lan and Pengpeng chose to match up, and they played back and forth. In the end, it was Meng Lan’s chess-high move that successfully defeated Pengpeng’s Ma Chao.

As a professional player, Pengpeng is still very strong. After losing in the lane, decisively go to other paths to develop. With the help of his teammates, he succeeded in rising. At this time, the bullish team had already firmly grasped the victory, so they started the whole life game. In this game, although Pengpeng’s Ma Chao was defeated, he developed in other ways. Very active at the last lingering time. So the arrogant team didn’t want to win, the five chased Pengpeng, and finally gave the head to Yao of Milu. After completing the hunt, the audience directly filled the screen, and the effect of the program was very good!

After watching the happy exhibition match, the next is the most exciting double-elimination match. The Thunder Cup knockout will officially start on November 3, and the players are currently recharging their batteries. I believe that the next game will not disappoint the audience. If you are interested in the Thunder Cup, you can watch it at Huya!