The second batch of 055 large drives finally appeared, or hinted at a bigger egg, related to the Chinese aircraft carrier

The eighth 055 large drive is in service, and the “8 King Kongs” have been assembled. The second batch of 055 large drive also has good news. The first ship is expected to be launched at the end of the year, which may imply a bigger egg, which is related to the Chinese aircraft carrier.

The eighth 055 large drive “Xianyang”


With the rapid development of the Chinese navy, major destroyer and frigate shipyards continue to usher in a “shipbuilding boom”. The 052DL destroyer, the 0.55 million-ton large-scale destroyer and other warships have frequently appeared. It is reported that the PLA Navy’s 055 large-scale destroyer No. The number has already been registered for service, and such news has caused a great sensation internationally.

As a 10,000-ton destroyer independently developed by our country, the 055 large drive will be the main battleship of the People’s Navy in the next few decades. The improved version of this warship may be equipped with advanced weapons such as full electric propulsion, electromagnetic guns, and directed energy weapons, and become the main force for the maintenance of China. Responsible for national security and overseas interests.

This article will describe the service progress of the 055 large drive, analyze the performance of the destroyer, and at the same time, introduce some of the tasks it performs. On this basis, this article will also analyze the trend of the second batch of 055 large drives, and point out the big egg behind it, which is the new development of China’s aircraft carrier.

Type 055 first ship

1. 055 service progress: get together the “8 King Kong”

The trend of the 055 large drive has always attracted the attention of the outside world. It was previously reported that the No. 8 ship of the 055 large drive, the “Xianyang Ship”, entered service. Many military fans were very excited to hear this news. If the news is true, then It means that the first batch of 055 large drives of the People’s Liberation Army has basically completed the production and delivery work.

On June 28, 2017, the first Type 055 ship was launched at the Jiangnan Shipyard. After that, the Chinese shipyard demonstrated a shipbuilding capability that surpassed that of other countries. In just three years, eight Type 055 ships were launched one after another. The speed broke the set a world record.

In 2020, this high-profile destroyer will officially enter service. On January 12, the first ship “Nanchang” officially joined the People’s Navy’s battle sequence, with the hull number 101. Subsequently, the No. 2 ship “Lhasa” and No. 3 ship The “Dalian” and the No. 4 ship “Anshan” will enter service in succession in 2021. After entering 2022, the No. 5 ship “Yan’an”, the No. 6 ship “Wuxi” and the No. 7 ship “Zunyi” are in service. Now, the No. 8 ship “Xianyang” also has good news. From the first ship to the last It took only 3 years for the Chinese Navy to serve a ship

No. 3 ship “Dalian”

The outside world is very curious about the deployment of the 055 large drive. It is worth mentioning that it is not evenly distributed among the three fleets like the 054A and 052D built in the same period. The “4+4” approach has joined the southern and northern theater navies, while the eastern theater navy has no equipment. The reason for this deployment is probably because the current priority of the eastern theater is to develop the amphibious landing fleet to the greatest extent. , Strengthen the amphibious combat capability. The northern and southern theaters are responsible for covering the eastern theater. At the same time, they also undertake the important task of confronting the United States and other countries in sensitive waters. Naturally, the priority of deployment should be higher than that of the eastern theater.

2. Large-scale drive of 10,000 tons, technology leading the United States

The Chinese Navy’s deployment of the 055 large drive demonstrates the importance of the destroyer, and also proves that the destroyer does have extremely excellent performance.

First of all, the reason why the 055 large drive is called “10,000-ton large drive” is because of its displacement. It is understood that the full-load displacement of the 055 large drive has reached 12,000-13,000 tons, the length of the ship is about 181 meters, and the width of the ship is 19. meters, using all-combustion combined power, the maximum speed can reach about 30 knots.

055 large drive “Lhasa ship”

Specifically introduce the all-combustion combined power, which refers to the combined power device composed of multiple gas turbines on the main engine. Since 1960, the aviation-modified gas turbine has continued to develop, its performance has gradually improved, and its life cycle has been greatly improved. All saw the advantages of the engine, and began to use it as a power plant for cruisers and accelerators. The 055 large drive is equipped with 4 sets of domestic GT25000 high-power gas turbines, which are arranged in parallel to drive a main shaft and a propeller respectively. The total power of the power system exceeds 112,000 kilowatts. A very solid foundation, and sufficient power redundancy is also ready for advanced weapons and equipment such as electromagnetic guns to be on board.

Secondly, the 055 large drive has two hangars. This is the third type of active-duty destroyer with double hangars in the People’s Navy, and the other two types are 051B and 052 respectively. However, it is helpless for these two types of destroyers to set up two hangars. For example, after all, the Zhi-9 anti-submarine helicopter is too small, and it is necessary to carry out dual-aircraft anti-submarine helicopters. In contrast, the 055 with two hangars is more like a huge improvement in performance, so many military fans are very curious about it.

In addition, the outside world is curious about which carrier-based helicopter the 055 will be equipped with. The Zhi-9 is too small, and the Ka-28 imported from Russia has not undergone large-scale modernization. Due to restrictions, it cannot be equipped on destroyers. With the development of the times, China’s carrier-based helicopters have made great progress, especially the emergence of Zhi-20 has made military fans shine.

As a new generation of 10-ton tactical general-purpose transport helicopter, the performance of Zhi-20 is excellent enough to fully meet the needs of the navy. The dual capabilities of submarine search and submarine attack of the 055 large drive will thus be greatly improved.

It is worth mentioning that the 055 is ahead of the United States in the application of technology. Its integrated mast, dual-band radar and integrated radio frequency system are advanced enough that none of the US ships in active service have this technology. In today’s increasingly severe situation of anti-stealth and anti-sonic and even anti-high-speed sonic weapons, dual-band radar can effectively improve and improve the ability of air detection and target tracking and identification.

The first batch of 055 large drive construction scenes

Finally, let’s talk about integrated radio frequency technology, which is the key core of the entire shipboard electronic system. With the support of the shipboard background signal processing system, the Type 055 can conduct comprehensive real-time processing and analysis of all radar information, and the response speed and tracking accuracy will also be improved. There is a clear improvement. The most important thing is that the 055 large drive can realize radar, electronic warfare, communication and other functions at the same time, and complete resource contribution. This technology can be said to be “an epoch-making technological leap.”

3. The strongest lineup in history: with the “Liaoning ship”

(1) The first open sea operation

After the 055 large drive entered service, it has become a key combat force of the People’s Navy, and the first high-sea operation has attracted the attention of the outside world.

On March 21, 2021, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force discovered a formation of Chinese naval ships heading north about 250 kilometers southwest of the Tsushima Strait. The composition of the formation shocked the outside world, because it included a Type 055 “Nanchang”, a Type 052D “Chengdu” and a Type 054A “Daqing”. This is also the first time that Japan’s “queen photographer” has photographed the Type 055 large drive. Not only that, this operation is also the first time that the 055 large drive has carried out a training mission to the open sea beyond the first island chain.

For the People’s Navy, this is the first actual combat deployment of the 055’s first ship “Nanchang” after completing the full training, which has very important strategic significance. This incident also proved the strength of the People’s Navy. In just over two years, the 055 large-scale drive has completed the assessment by leaps and bounds. Such a speed is not something that ordinary countries can possess.

(2) The strongest lineup in history

After that, the figure of the 055 large drive also appeared in very important missions, and it went to Alaska to perform missions. In addition, the 055 large drive also participated in the Chinese Navy’s operations in the Pacific Ocean at the end of 2022.

At the beginning, the Sea of ​​Japan discovered the “Liaoning” aircraft carrier battle group, including two Type 055 “Anshan”. The appearance of three 055 ships, one Type 055 “Lhasa”, and the “Liaoning” aircraft carrier can be described as the strongest lineup in history.

No. 7 ship “Zunyi”

4. Good news: the second batch of 055 large drives has new trends

After the news of the eighth 055 large-scale drive came out, many military fans began to focus on the construction of the second batch of 055 large-scale drive. Earlier, some netizens posted aerial photos on social media, which caused heated discussions. This may be the first time that the Navy’s second batch of 055 guided missile destroyers has been revealed to the outside world.

In this photo released by a netizen, it can be seen that a warship is closing the hull in a “half-covered” state by a harbor basin on the east side of the harbor basin where the Fujian ship is outfitting. In terms of body size, it may be the first ship of the second batch of 055 guided missile destroyers. At the beginning, the “Nanchang Ship”, the first ship of the first batch of 055 large drives, was also built and launched here.

Judging from the development speed of the People’s Navy, the news that the construction of the second batch of 055 large drives has started is likely to be true. After all, my country attaches great importance to the development of destroyers, especially at a time when international threats are intensifying. It is necessary for the Chinese Navy to develop More destroyers with larger tonnage will strengthen the confidence to become a “naval power”.

In fact, now that the navy’s various equipment and technologies are fully mature, it is no longer difficult for our country to continue to build high-cost, high-performance destroyers. Judging from the current construction and service speed of various types of destroyers, it is possible that by 2035, the number of ships in the Chinese Navy will reach the same level as that of the United States.

The second batch of 055 large drive improvement ideas

5. Why is there no mass production?

Specifically analyze the possible improvements of the second batch of 055 large drives.

The first batch of 055 large drives have various advanced performances, especially the emergence of dual-band phased array radar and other systems have made the 055 large drives the “strongest naval warships” that are well recognized internationally. Therefore, when the second batch of 055 large drives After the news of the start of the construction of the big drive came out, the outside world was curious about its specific improvements.

During the construction and sea trials of the first batch of 055 large drives, some ship technologies in our country are also developing continuously. Although they have not been applied to the first batch of 055 large drives in time, military fans hope that they can be used in the second batch of 055 large drives. See more advanced techniques. Especially the electromagnetic gun system.

The first batch of 055 large drives are equipped with 130mm naval guns, which have large caliber, long range, and relatively rich types of ammunition. Try to change this situation. As early as on the Type 072II tank landing ship, the People’s Navy has begun to test the self-developed shipboard electromagnetic gun system. Therefore, military fans hope that the second batch of 055 large drives can be equipped with domestic electromagnetic guns with more advanced performance. This possibility is actually very high. After all, in recent years, the strength of the People’s Navy has been rapidly improved, which is obvious to the outside world.

055 The First Ship of the Great Destroyer

In addition, the emergence of the electromagnetic gun will promote more optimization and upgrading of the 055 large drive. It may be equipped with a “domestic medium-voltage DC integrated electric propulsion system”, which has higher power transmission power and higher efficiency. Once it is on board, the second batch of 055 large drives will have stronger quietness and anti-submarine combat capabilities.

During the “shipbuilding boom” of the People’s Navy, military fans also raised new questions. Why is the second batch of 055 large-scale drives not built in large quantities like the first batch?

It is reported that the second batch of 055 large-scale drives is likely to build 4 ships. Compared with before, these 4 ships are not many. The reason for this arrangement is naturally related to the needs of the People’s Navy. At present, a large number of new destroyers It is under construction. If the construction is completed, the total number will exceed 50. Such a large team is enough for the People’s Navy. In addition, the cost of the 055 large drive is relatively high, and one is about 6.5 billion to 7 billion yuan. This also determines that the number of its construction will not be as large as that of the 052D.

6. An even bigger easter egg: it is about China’s aircraft carrier

Today, the “8 King Kongs” have all been assembled, and more advanced destroyers will appear in the future. It is worth mentioning that while paying attention to the 055 large drive, we should also pay attention to another equally important project. The new development of the 055 large drive is likely to imply that a bigger easter egg is about to appear.

“Fujian ship” launched

In 2022, we witnessed the launch of the People’s Navy’s first domestic electromagnetic catapult aircraft carrier “Fujian Ship”. This aircraft carrier broke through the construction technology of an 80,000-ton aircraft carrier for the first time. . It has very important strategic significance for the development of my country’s aircraft carrier.

The rapid development of aircraft carriers and the increase in the number of 055 large drives have sent a very important signal to the outside world, that is, there are new “siblings” behind the “Fujian” ship.

Although the performance of my country’s 052D destroyer is advanced enough, it is not enough to defend the entire aircraft carrier battle group. This is also the key reason why the 055 large destroyer appeared in the “Liaoning” carrier battle group last year. Tonnage aircraft carrier needs 055 large drive escort.

Considering the actual needs, our country will definitely not build only one electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier. The service can already explain the future development of China’s aircraft carrier, especially the news that the second batch of 055 large-scale drives has been built, which makes military fans very excited. Perhaps in the near future, the Chinese navy will have more 055 large-scale drives to escort more Domestic aircraft carrier.

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