The second Baccarat hotel landed, and the father of W joined forces to create an all-crystal palace

The cost may hit a new high

Three years ago, I saw more than 400 Baccarat crystal exhibits at Shanghai Hengfu Art Center.

The most impressive thing is that the staff said that Baccarat’s apprentices need at least 15 years of work experience to master the top crystal production technology.

Many luxury hotels in China display Baccarat utensils as works of art.

At The Ritz-Carlton, Nanjing, art paintings in the lobby lounge area on the 38th floor and Baccarat crystals complement each other; Jinting restaurant at Park Hyatt Beijing was unveiled, and the hotel chose to cooperate with Baccarat to launch crystal afternoon tea.

Its fate with the hotel does not stop there. Recently, Baccarat announced that it will open a hotel in Rome, and plans to meet us in 2025.

When completed, it will be the second Baccarat Hotel.

Back in 2015, Baccarat entered the hotel industry, joining forces with Barry Sternlicht, the father of W Hotels. A 50-story crystal palace has been built in New York City, and the value of a single room is nearly 10 million US dollars.

The hotel not only has high room rates, but also received a good vote.

It seems that opening a hotel in Baccarat is not just for fun.


Settled in Rome

Continue to write the legend

The new Baccarat Hotel will set its sights on the 133-year-old Hotel Majestic in Rome, which is expected to spend 3 years to renovate behind closed doors.

As one of the first luxury hotels in Rome, the “piano” appearance of the Majestic Hotel has already become a symbol of via Veneto.

At the beginning of its construction, architect Gaetano Koch was forced to use strange shapes. He wanted to let each floor have an unobstructed view of Rome through the progressive distribution.

Upon completion, the hotel gained a reputation for its unique appearance.

At its peak of fame in the 1920s, the Majestic Hotel became the go-to place for celebrities to travel to Rome.

After the card change, the “piano” look will be retained, and the number of restaurants and guest rooms will be reduced.

The number of restaurants will be reduced to three, of which The Terrace will be expanded as the main restaurant, which is the most scenic spot in the entire hotel, overlooking the street.

At the same time, the rooftop area will also be transformed into a modern and popular rooftop bar.

The original 97 rooms will be reduced to 83, and single rooms starting from 28 square meters are expected to be cancelled.

At present, the brand has not disclosed the design plan. However, judging from the style of the existing rooms, it is similar to the Baccarat Hotel in New York, such as the use of antiques, tapestries and other decorations.


Enter the hotel industry

15,000 collections on display

The first Baccarat Hotel in New York used to be the New York Public Library semicolon, located near Fifth Avenue, so the price has been stable at $2,000 all the year round.

The exterior transparent glass tower was designed by the architectural firm SOM, and the interior was designed by the couple Gilles & Boissier from Paris.

The interior is covered with 15,000 crystal decorations, many of which are the first crystal collections that the hotel has purchased from the world’s top auctions. It should be one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

On the right side of the lobby is a huge crystal wall, where 1,800 Baccarat Harcourt goblets form an LED screen accompanied by a melodious bell.

It is worth mentioning that the Harcourt Goblet was once specially made for King Philip as a crystal vessel for state banquets. It has a history of 170 years and is considered a symbol of “king and queen”.

The crystal mirror in the lobby is dazzling, and the crystal chandelier in the lounge area is a symbol of Baccarat.

Baccarat red adorned with chandeliers is a complex process that requires high-temperature forging after adding gold powder to the crystal, because it is too precious and is sought after by the rich.

The door of each room is decorated with different styles of crystal cups, and you can find your own room according to the style of the crystal cups.

The glass façade of the guest room will change according to the light of the day, and the light inside will change at any time.

The carving art commonly used in Baccarat crystal has also been applied to the interior design, and the designer used white to highlight it.

The wine glasses and mouthwash cups in the room are all from Baccarat, and a single room is worth more than 10 million US dollars.

Shortly after the opening of the Baccarat Hotel in New York, the brand announced high-profile expansion plans, including Doha, Dubai and Rabat, the capital of Morocco. However, 7 years later, there is still no news.

The news of this arrival in Rome is equally exciting, and I look forward to the hotel’s revival.

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