The Sanyao Gym, which was almost closed in the “Pokémon” animation, corresponds to a small part of the settings in the game!

In the game, the ending of Sanyao Gym in the Hezhong area is very subtle. In “Black/White”, the three brothers Tiantong are the masters of this gym, but in “Black 2/White 2”, the three Yao Tao Hall has become San Yao Restaurant. The reason for this is because the three brothers realized their lack of strength, so it is another matter if they really like to open restaurants. As we all know, although there is no such arrangement in the animation, there are also cleanings with similar settings, which caused the Sanyao Gym to almost disappear. So, let’s take a look at the specific plot.

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Use Blizzard King’s Mysterious Woman:

In this episode, Xiaozhi and his party came to Yanliu Island. Tiantong’s brothers Bert and Koen met here. I don’t know if there was an urgent matter. They were waiting for Tiantong’s brothers Bert and Koen. On the way, a Blizzard King appeared. This Blizzard King inexplicably attacked Tiantong’s Cauliflower Monkey, and this Blizzard King had a trainer and was a tall woman named Dorag, Dorag. There was no apology for his Pokémon attacking other Pokémon. At this time, Bert and Cohen arrived, and said that Drago’s identity was a special kicker, threatening Bert and Cohen. Close the gym.

Tiantong accepts the challenge:

After Dorag went to the Three Lights Gym, he used the ice-type Pokémon Ivory Pig and the Ice Ghost Guardian to defeat Koen and Bert respectively. They closed the gym on this ground. Bert and Koen mentioned it later. The gym trainer also has Tiantong, so Dorag came to challenge Tiantong. Although there is no need to take it seriously in the face of such nonsensical requirements, it can only be said that the quality of people in the Pokémon world is relatively simple. Tiantong reminisced about the harvest that he and Xiaozhi had traveled all the way, and reviewed the moves currently possessed by the Cauliflower Monkey, preparing for the battle of Doraghe. The Pokémon used by Doraghe this time was the Blizzard King that appeared earlier. .

Tiantong VS Doraghe: Cauliflower Monkey VS Blizzard King

Then came the battle between the cauliflower monkey and the Blizzard King. The Blizzard King launched the characteristic snowfall at the beginning, and the process used blizzard and absolute zero. Once hit, the cauliflower monkey can completely GG’s skills, but God Tong learned from Xiaozhi’s side about how to be reckless, so he relied on the flexible body of the cauliflower monkey and the skills of digging holes to avoid it. In the end, although it was frozen by the blizzard, it was successfully used in ice cubes. After taking Sunbeam and defeating Blizzard King, it can only be said that Blizzard King will not lose to Cauliflower Monkey, no matter how unbearable it is. Anyway, this game is Tiantong’s victory.

Therefore, the Sanyao Gym was protected by Tiantong. In the end, Tiantong originally wanted to return to the gym, but under the understanding of Bert and Cohen, he chose to continue traveling with Xiaozhi.