The same is the bone appearance, why is the eastern bone more beautiful than the western one?

A few days ago, Uncle saw that Liu Zongyuan was working with Zhong Chuxi again , and took a set of photos with the theme of “How deep is the courtyard” .

The willows are piled with smoke, and the curtain has no weight.

It is worthy of being a domestic photographer who can best restore the true characteristics of characters. Under the flowing light and shadow, Zhong Chuxi, who has always been the king with a sense of strength, is now quiet, fragile and pure .

This time, her brows and eyes were very thin, and she didn’t catch people in the first place, but hidden a lot of emotions.

Makeup is also done by me

A gesture of waiting, many netizens think of Zhang Ziyi in “The Grandmaster” and Maggie Cheung in “Evil in the East and Poison in the West”.

Moreover, with the bright hairstyle, all the outlines are frankly explained, and the scattered and closed bones make us realize that the oriental outlines are not only boiled eggs and quail eggs, but they can also be so unique.

Every time we talk about the beauty of the bones, we always think that the bones are good = the western bones .

It seems that the beauty of the skin is the characteristic of the Orientals, and the beauty of the bones is the exclusiveness of the Westerners.

But Uncle Oxy wants to rectify the name of Dongfang Bone today. Dongfang Bone is much more beautiful than everyone thought .

Moreover, compared with the Western bones, the Eastern bones are superior in terms of level and artistic conception .

The beauty of the oriental bones, there are the most traditional oriental classical bones , such as Chen Hong, Jiang Qinqin, Jin Xishan and so on.

Mountains are beautiful faces, and water is beautiful eyes.

Zhou Zheng’s well-knitted facial bones are thick, atmospheric and yet delicate, carrying the historical fire and light singing and dancing.

The bright eyes of the princess speak of the simplicity and prosperity of the dynasty. The whole body is clean, and the tranquility of the whole day has been monopolized.

The beauty of the oriental bones, there are innocent and charming oriental girls , such as Zhou Ye, Zhu Yin, Wang Ziwen, and Kimura Mitsuki.

With shrewd eyebrows and stubborn jaws, the aura reconciled from this has the cunning and agility unique to a girl.

She can be an assassin girl standing still on the beam of the house, she is extremely willful, but she has always done things alone.

It can also be a young beast who is eager to try, extremely complex and extremely simple, everything moves with instinct, and her character is naughty but makes people have a high tolerance for her.

The beauty of the oriental bones, there are also cold, alienated and unshakable oriental chivalrous women ‘s bones , such as Ye Quanzhen, Zhang Ziyi, and Zheng Xiuzhen.

The rivers and lakes are far away, but the chivalrous woman is still there, with all the joy and hatred written on her face, as unrestrained as a mountain breeze and firm as a lonely pine.

The skin is thin and sticky, and the eyebrows are sad but not hurt.

It turns out that a woman ‘s cheekbones can be so beautiful, like a curved, cold and charming moon climbing up the willow tip.

The beauty of the oriental bones , as well as the bones of the oriental hermits of the Xanadu people , such as Zhou Yun, Yongmei, Maggie Cheung, Jiyong Sayuri and so on.

The lines of skin and flesh are the edges of the bones, the eyebrows and eyes are straight, and there is no joy or sorrow, but the surrounding is still a loneliness that is too thick to be dissolved .

Their beauty is static, still , so quiet that it is like a magical filter, filtering out the hustle and bustle of close-up reality, the trivial entanglement of the original historical appearance, and the complex fetters of the relationship between characters.

It also makes the audience come out and quickly feel the artistic conception of this face-

It turns out that life is a process of “waiting for the wind, waiting for the clouds, and waiting for the birds to fly away”.

Of course, a good-looking oriental bone phase also has technical content.

Today, Uncle Oxygen will take you to disassemble the aesthetic code of oriental bones .


Dismantling the beauty of oriental bones – skull and outline

Teardown Elements: Skull and Outline

The oriental physiognomy does not pursue too much three-dimensionality, but rather a sense of a ladder of beauty that progresses layer by layer.

Due to the different races of the East and the West, the folds of the skulls are different. The Western-style bones are usually block-shaped, such as square blocks and triangular blocks. At a glance, the front and sides can be clearly distinguished.

On the other hand, the oriental bone phase has more layers, showing a three-stage stepped bone phase : the lateral surface, the transition surface, and the central axis.

The visuals are also softer.

The profile comes from the fact that the skull has a certain degree of fold and the face has a depth.

Western skulls are usually narrower in the front than in the sides, which does have the advantage of being photogenic.

But because the front is too narrow to fit the facial features, the emotions conveyed by the face are oppressive or even cramped.

This is why netizens say that seeing Monroe’s wax figure with the naked eye in reality is slightly scary.

The wax figure is not exaggerated, it is a complete reproduction of Monroe’s head-to-face ratio

The oriental skull is usually of the same width on the front and side , giving enough space for the facial features, and there is a certain amount of white space.

Although it looks a little flat on the photo, it is more comfortable and elegant in reality.

The transition surface is the part where the highlights are laid on the apple muscle and the base of the nose when applying makeup, which comes from the soft transition of the inner and outer contours.

There is almost no transitional surface in the Western physiognomy, and it turns directly from the front to the side.

The oriental physiognomy is gradual, transitioning from the front to the profile, which is why the oriental beauties are more durable and can stand up to meticulous products .

Progressive faces, slow and blank, allow for more emotional unfolding and unfolding.

The central axis is the forehead-between the eyebrows-nose-maxillary and mandibular regions.

There is no need to be particularly three-dimensional, as long as there is a slight sense of presence, so that there is a commanding height on the surface, you can achieve a clear and layered depth .

For the effect of the central axis on the depth of the face, you can refer to the popular 3-dimensional mask with a small ring, and weaken the horizontal extension through longitudinal stretching .

After talking about the skull and outline, let’s talk about the facial shape and facial features in the oriental bone physiognomy.


Dismantling the beauty of oriental bones – facial shape and facial features

Dismantling elements: face shape

From the height of the face.

Compared with Lu Jingshan and Maggie Q’s long-faced type; Susan and Xueyun’s short-faced type

Oriental skeletal facies tend to be homogeneous , that is, the upper and lower jaws are moderately developed vertically.

Long face or vertical overdevelopment of the maxilla, such as Jin Minxi;

Either the mandible is overdeveloped vertically, such as Xie Na.

Among those who are overly long with lip makeup

The short-faced type is either due to insufficient vertical development of the upper jaw, such as Jing Tian, ​​where the mouth is under the nose, and almost no one is among them;

Or the vertical development of the mandible is insufficient, such as Xueyun.

From the perspective of the convexity of the face, compared with the straight face and the concave face, the aesthetic preference of the oriental bone phase is the convex face .

Convex, Straight, Concave

Convex, that is, in the anterior-posterior direction (ie, sagittal direction), either the maxilla is overdeveloped or the mandible is underdeveloped .

Note that it must be within a certain limit, otherwise it will become a tooth scraping or no chin

Face type such as Liu Yifei and Ye Shuhua.

The upper and lower jaws go hand in hand, and the facial emotions are calm. In the past two years, the cold and intellectual look has become more popular, so there are many audiences for the face-to-face type.

Concave type such as Zhao Lusi, yes, even if her nose is high, she is concave because her lower jaw protrudes too much than her upper jaw.

Zhao Lusi’s convex version is Zheng Encai, with the upper jaw covering the lower jaw.

3. Dismantling elements: facial features layout and connection details

The shape and color of the facial features belong to the category of the skin, but the layout is still determined by the bones, such as the position of the orbital bone, the length of the nasal bone, and the upper and lower jaws also determine the position of the mouth, etc.

The facial features in the oriental physiognomy aesthetics do not pursue compactness, such as eyebrows and eyes, and the distance between the eyes are all “unpleasant” features in the oriental aesthetic system.

The layout of the five senses in line with our aesthetics is left blank, but not blank . The subtlety lies in the details of the connection of the five senses .

The connection between the eyebrows and the eyes, the connection between the eyebrows and the nose. Creating a light and dark relationship through highs and lows is the perfect eye-brow beauty.

The connection between the nose and the maxillofacial area, the most beautiful and anti-aging configuration is the smooth connection between the nose base and the maxilla , with almost no height difference

The opposite example is that there is a height difference between the base of the nose and the upper jaw, which is not only prone to nasolabial folds, but also shows a protruding mouth.


Oriental bone physiognomy, harp and melody

Just now, we talked about the beauty of the eastern bones from the differences between the eastern and the eastern bones.

However, if we compare the similarities between the bones of the East and the West, we will find that whether it is the beauty of the bones of the East and the West, the coordination between the bones is very high and echoes each other.

1. The melody and the melody, the bones echo each other

On the whole, the eyebrow arch, nose, nasal base, and upper and lower jaw face advance and retreat at the same time , and no one part is particularly prominent or particularly stretched.

Emma’s bones are more three-dimensional than Song Hye Kyo, but because of the convex nose and chin, and the concave upper jaw, it often presents the appearance of a full and deflated mouth. (Zhao Lusi same nose-maxillofacial configuration)

The bones of Song Hye-kyo and Kim Hee-sun do not win with the strength of a certain part, but focus on harmony .

What is the harmony of the bones and echoes ?

The uppermost frontal tubercle and brow arch correspond to the chin; the nasal fossa corresponds to the lip-cheek groove; the height of the nose corresponds to the development of the sagittal bony surface; the length of the nose corresponds to the development of the vertical bony surface.

What is it like to be incompatible with each other?

For example, the upper half of the face is a flat forehead and eyebrow arch, and the lower half of the face is a high raised chin.

For example, the nose is very high, but the sagittal surface of the facial bone is underdeveloped, and the concave surface is matched with a high nose.

Netizens say this sister is the American version of Ju Jingyi

For example, the nose is very short, but the vertical bone surface of the facial bone is fully developed, and the long face is matched with a short nose, such as Song Yanfei and Zhang Bichen.

2. The overall bones are on the horizontal line and above the horizontal line

The horizontal line is flat , and the horizontal line is full .

left flat; right full

Whether in the East or the West, the overall bones like Ouyang Nana and IU are below the horizontal line, that is, shriveled , and the facial beauty will depend too much on the skin.

However, the common skeletal bugs of Orientals are not that they are not three-dimensional, but that a certain part is out of touch with the overall bones . For example, when the face is shrunk down, it becomes a concave surface, and the underdevelopment of the mandible becomes a short face.

Today, we describe the aesthetics of bone physiognomy from an eastern aesthetic perspective, because in recent years, everyone’s cognition of skeletal physiognomy has always been based on Western perspectives , or Western people as templates and standards .

For example, the nose is straight, like a Westerner, so she is a beauty with bones. And Kim Hee Sun’s nose is so flat, she can’t be considered a national treasure.

In fact, the popularity of Western physiognomy is also due to the fact that Western-style aesthetics is good at physical and mathematical analysis of the formal structure , and it is better to get data or graphics when you see it.

The oriental aesthetics has intuitive experience and spirituality, and this kind of aesthetics is often in the predicament of “aphasia”.

Therefore, Uncle Oxygen will describe the beauty of bones in the East today:

Oriental bones are beautiful, and beauty lies in the mean.

Moderation is not a stubborn compromise, but a kind of impartiality that perfectly realizes the harmony of all aspects of personality.

The bones of the East are beautiful, and the beauty penetrates into each other .

Face and heart, form and spirit, energy and rhythm, stimulate each other and experience each other, so as to achieve the aesthetic realm of forgetfulness.