The S29 “upper cipher” appeared, the intensity rose sharply, and the burst output was very strong

We all know that in the glory of the king, the jungler position is a very core and key position. The arrival of the S29 season has changed the strength of many jungle heroes.

At present, it has been more than a week since the King of Glory entered the S29 season, and many players are gradually familiar with some of the changes in the S29 season. However, for players, the most critical positions are still the jungler and shooter positions.

There are a lot of strong shooter positions this season, like Sun Shangxiang and Di Renjie are positions that have a more eye-catching performance in this version. However, it is not easy for jungle heroes to perform well.

New online jungle heroes like Jingjing and Lan, who performed extremely well in previous versions, have lost their original highlights this season due to hero adjustments. And Sun Wukong, who has been highly popular for a long time, is also gradually welcoming his peak performance.

In Glory of the King, Li Bai, like Sun Wukong, is also a relatively popular jungler hero, but in the previous versions, Li Bai’s performance was indeed not satisfactory.

However, in this version, Li Bai’s strength has been improved to a certain extent, and the current win rate has exceeded half, and he is a relatively good jungler in the version.

However, the problem of Li Bai’s weakness in the early stage has not been solved. When he encounters many heroes with strong early invasion ability, he is often helpless.

If you want to play Li Bai well, choosing the right equipment is essential. Li Bai’s outfits are relatively fixed. Generally speaking, you can choose the greedy bite, the quick boots, the shadow battle axe, the broken army, the broken star hammer, and the famous sword commander, and constantly increase your attack ability.

In addition, players who use Li Bai also need to make better use of wild monsters to increase the effect of Li Bai’s own ultimate move. In addition, for Li Bai, he must pay attention to the development rhythm in the early stage. If the enemy invades, he must find an opportunity to change the wild area.

However, the current version is still a relatively fast-paced version, and jungle heroes such as Li Bai Monkey who only showed their performance in the later period are not so popular.

However, as the last version launched, Xun has always had a relatively good performance in the S27 and S28 seasons. As a type of assassin-type jungler with a special game mechanism, Xu has such a powerful explosive ability in the early stage. Basically, a set of skills can easily kill most of the crispy heroes in seconds.

Moreover, as a jungler hero, it is not very difficult to get started. Xu’s skill combo is not complicated. After using the first skill to release, use the second skill to hit the wall, and then use your first skill to deal damage, then connect your own basic attack to deal multiple stages of damage, you can complete the super powerful break out.

In terms of outfit selection, Xuan can also choose crit-flow equipment, such as Grandmaster’s Power, Endless War Blade, and Broken Army are all suitable for him. In the later stage, you can try to outflank from the flanks, and use the characteristics of his own wall to outflank, creating a huge threat to the crispy skin on the opposite side.

As a jungler hero, Xuan is not too difficult to get started, and the explosion is relatively powerful, which is very suitable for players to use, which can be called the version of “upper password”.