The S10 season is here. Use these 6 lineups on the first day to steadily gain big points.

The S10 season is here. Use these 6 lineups on the first day to steadily gain big points.

The S10 season has been updated. After completing the test server for so many days, I have a general understanding of the game environment. At present, the main C system is still dominated by 2-3 fee cards. The game rhythm is faster, with 4-5 fees. The card system main C is relatively not that popular.

Today, Moang brought to the brothers several lineups that seemed to have good strength in the test. These lineups should be good choices to use to increase points after the server is launched.

Super Pink Sound Assassin Katarina

This is a high-explosion lineup, a lineup that is more restrained in the back row and has dense positions. The pieces of this lineup are relatively cheap, and the lineup is easy to form. With the blessing of Yinlang Assassin, many pendants can also play a huge role. This lineup does not count as equipment-eating, and can be played in a winning streak or a losing streak. It is recommended that you choose this when the pieces are wild.

Tips: Before Kiana arrives, you can use Gnar to open a super fan + Ike to open 2 secretary guards.

Season Star Recommendation: Sonic Assassin Katarina.

Recommended runes: Idealism, Wand, Silver/Gold Ticket, Return on Investment, Healing Sphere.

Tip 2: Especially idealism has a larger increase in the lineup. If you have this rune chess piece at the beginning, you can rush through it.

Super fan really hurts escort Senna

Really Injured Senna is also a 2-cost gambling lineup, but it is mainly used to fight poor rhythm. It is particularly strong in stages 3 and 4. As long as it is not forced, Senna Panson will be very stable if she can score 3 stars early.

The key to this lineup is not to eat equipment. The super fan bond can provide Senna with a key equipment, Shoji Spear, which makes it easier to form equipment. In particular, Senna is a real damage bond, which can cause additional real damage, and Shining The bonus can also reduce Senna’s maximum mana by 15 points, greatly increasing the frequency of Senna’s skill release, and the output is very violent.

Country Music Dancer Urgot/Samira

This rural lineup is somewhat similar to the previous Scarlet Galio. It can summon a fearful war horse, which not only increases the attack speed of all players, but also has 5 rural bonds that allow the rural chess pieces to obtain all-round blood-sucking. If more chess pieces can reach 3 stars, they will gain points. It is very stable with Chicken Game, but is relatively popular on the test server. It is recommended that brothers consider this lineup when there are no peers in the game.

Disco Shine Twisted Fate

This lineup mainly plays Drizzt. Drizzt has one of the best outputs among the 4-fee cards this season. His skills are a bit like Kai’Sa last season. He can throw 24 cards (3 more for the Chosen) when he releases his skills. He can cause damage to 2 stars without equipment. The magic damage of 1800, with the high damage increase of Dix’s bond to increase attack speed and glare, the output is very violent. But relatively speaking, the lineup has more demand for 4- and 5-fee chess pieces, which requires some economic operation capabilities.

Tips: The 4-fee card is a natural choice. It requires level 8 to get it. Try to have a winning streak in the early and mid-term.

Jazz Miss Fortune/Super Pink Jazz Miss Fortune

This lineup is a 3-fee dog gambling lineup, which is a pure Pinduoduo lineup. The popularity in the test server is slightly higher. After Miss Fortune reaches 3 stars, the strength of the lineup is very high. There are more 5-fee cards that can be matched in the later period, which can greatly increase the upper limit of the lineup, and can even be broken with some 3-star 4-fee cards. Wise, but the lineup belongs to a single core, and is very afraid of restraining the back row lineup.

There is also a change in the number of card pools this season. Now it is relatively difficult to search for 3-cost 3-stars. Try not to force the game when there are peers outside. Chasing three-stars will be very difficult. It is recommended to have a secondary hero replicator and a chess piece with a wild look. time to consider.

Tips: For the main C lineup of 3-fee cards, it is recommended to sell the natural selection when fighting monsters 3-7. When there is no natural selection on the field, a random natural selection will appear on the D card every time and its position is on the far right. You can have a higher probability of refreshing the one you want.

Blade Riven

Riven’s lineup has been weakened many times in the test server. It is not popular now, but the strength of the lineup is actually still there, but now it is more 3-star Riven (2 stars were considered gods when the mana was 50 before), brothers. You can charge when there is no peer equipment outside that is suitable for Riven.