The Russian Ministry of Defence released the findings of the investigation, making it clear that the British Royal Navy officers were involved in the Nord Stream pipeline bombing

Since the “Beixi 1” and “Beixi 2” pipelines were bombed, there have been various opinions on the “behind the scenes”, and there is no conclusion. After their respective investigations, Denmark and Sweden did not dare to speak out publicly. As a result, Russia decided to conduct an independent investigation on its own.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency reported on October 29, Moscow announced the results of the investigation: “According to the information obtained, the representatives of the Royal Navy participated in the planning, organization and implementation of the terrorist act in the Baltic Sea on September 26, 2022, which led to the ‘Nord Stream -1’ and ‘Beixi-2’ gas pipelines exploded.”

Please pay attention to the key words in the statement. One is to characterize it as a “terrorist” act, and the other is to clearly indicate that the representative of the Royal Navy participated in the planning. Note that it is “participation”, indicating that it is not the mastermind.

So who is the mastermind? Although everyone doesn’t say it, it’s actually clear in my heart. Still, Russia has taken a big step forward relative to the Danish and Swedish investigations, at least disclosing who was involved. Danish police said after investigation at the time that the leak was caused by a “strong explosion”, and it was not clear who it was.

After the on-site investigation, the Swedish Security Agency said that it had found evidence that there had been an explosion at the leak point of the “Nord Stream” pipeline. However, the content of the investigation results was very sensitive and could not be shared with other EU countries. In other words, even if I find it, I dare not say it.

Today, the results of the Russian investigation have come out. The United Kingdom is only the representative of the Royal Navy who participated in the planning, organization and implementation, not the mastermind. Who is the mastermind, not to mention, everyone can guess 100%. Who benefits the most, and whose strength can make Sweden and Denmark shut up.

The British Ministry of Defence declined to comment immediately on the Russia findings.

The refusal to comment immediately was a bit of a stretch.