The Russian army used Starlink to kill the Ukrainian army, bombarded Western mercenaries with precision, and killed hundreds of people

Ukraine’s own potential collapse and flaws were exposed, Ukrainian drones disappeared mysteriously, and Russian drones began to show their power on the battlefield . As the battle progressed, the problem of Ukraine’s own insufficient war potential began to be fully exposed. Ukrainian industrial facilities have been paralyzed due to a variety of reasons such as power outages, lack of mature workers, and the destruction of supply chains. Ukraine had a large number of military factories before the conflict broke out, but now most of these military factories have been destroyed, and there are basically very few that can operate normally.

In the initial stage, Ukraine could still use its savings to deal with the Russian army, but as the timeline of consumption stretched, the flaws of its own potential collapse were fully exposed. Ukraine’s drones, which played a heavy role in the initial stage of the conflict, also began to disappear mysteriously. Basically, they can no longer cause much trouble to the Russian army, because the Russian army’s electronic warfare system has found the root of the Ukrainian drones and began to shoot down them in large numbers. Army drone. As one ebbs and the other, Russian drones began to show their power on the battlefield.

The Russian army is red-eyed, and all kinds of tricks are starting to work. The Ukrainian troops are obviously insufficient . As the Ukrainian army continued to be killed, the Russian army occupied more and more strongholds, and the number of Ukrainian troops trapped on the front line such as Bakhmut began to decrease significantly. According to reports from the US, Britain and other Western media, in the Bakhmut area, the total number of Russian troops has surpassed that of the Ukrainian army. Even if Ukraine sends 12-year-old dolls to the battlefield as cannon fodder, it is still difficult to avoid being at a disadvantage in terms of military strength. Appear.

According to reports from front-line reporters, the Russian army has already killed the red, and its morale has been greatly boosted. In Bakhmut, it has occupied Kryshkivka and its western defensive highlands and is marching towards Ivanivsk. 3 kilometers southeast of Vsk. Ukraine can only rely on limited firepower to stop the Russian army, because the number of Ukrainian infantry is seriously insufficient. It can be said that the mobilization meeting of the Russian army showed results, but Ukraine could not recruit enough soldiers. A large number of casualties and continuous defeats have left the Ukrainian army without soldiers.

The Russian army began to use the Starlink system to kill the Ukrainian army, and the Ukrainian army’s fiasco was considered to be related to the Starlink system . The Russian army began to use a large number of electronic warfare systems on the battlefield. At the same time, it interfered with satellites over Donbass and blocked satellite signals over Ukraine. At the same time, Russia also used Starlink terminals to target Ukrainian soldiers and Western mercenaries, and then carried out precise killings. Russia has destroyed Ukraine’s basic communication system, and the Ukrainian military’s front-line command can only rely on the US Starlink to provide communication services.

But Starlink communication also has a fatal flaw, that is, it is easy to be cracked and exploited. Russia has obtained the Starlink terminal used by the Ukrainian army on the battlefield, and obtained the Starlink receiving password and other information through other means. For Ukraine, it can be said that success or failure is also Xiao He. Starlink has indeed brought great help to the Ukrainian army, but it has also become the weakness of the Ukrainian army. Recently, many experts have pointed out that the continuous disastrous defeat of the Ukrainian army is related to the leak of the Starlink signal.

Using Starlink to lock Western mercenaries and destroy them with heavy artillery, the Russian army strongly deterred Western mercenaries . The Russian army began to use the Starlink communication signal used by the Ukrainian army to lock the positions of the Ukrainian army and Western mercenaries, and then used drones to precisely lock the position and guide the artillery to carry out precise shelling. Many experts suspect that the Starlink terminal provided by Musk to Russia can simultaneously receive signals from the Ukrainian army. This may be speculation, but from one side, the Starlink has begun to become the weakness of the Ukrainian army.

According to the information disclosed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian army recently used the Starlink communication signals used by Western mercenaries to continuously and accurately lock the gathering places of Western mercenaries. After finding the location of the Western mercenaries, the Russian army used drones to guide the attack, and the heavy artillery fired thermobaric bombs, thermite bombs and other shells, directly sending the Western mercenaries to the west. According to reports, the Russian army has carried out precise annihilation of Western mercenaries located in the settlements of Maslyakovka in the Donetsk region and the settlements in the Kramatorsk region.

The Russian army precisely killed hundreds of Western mercenaries, leading to a chain reaction of collapsed escape . Western mercenaries came to Ukraine not to fight, let alone die, they came to make money. When the Russian army continued to carry out precise group-destroying attacks on Western mercenaries, resulting in the killing of hundreds of Western mercenaries in recent times, Bakhmut and other Western mercenaries in the Donbas region began to flee continuously. The escape of Western mercenaries caused a chain reaction, which also led to panic and fleeing within the Ukrainian army.

Although Ukraine has sent many warlords to brutally kill the fleeing soldiers, it is still difficult to avoid the repeated occurrence of soldiers fleeing and breaking up. The combat order shows that Colonel Lutsenko (Lutsenko), the commander of the 79th Air Force Brigade of the Ukrainian Army, was rejected by Major General Mikatsu OM, the commander of the Eastern Operations Command of Ukraine, because of excessive casualties. The Ukrainian army has no troops left to rest.

The Russian army cracked the Western information code, Starlink has become a flawed Ukrainian army, and the Ukrainian army’s information advantage is being lost . The Russian army suffered a loss of information before. With the support of Western intelligence information, the Ukrainian army has gained intelligence advantages, and used these advantages to carry out precise attacks on the Russian army, causing huge casualties to the Russian army.

However, the Russian army quickly cracked the Western information code, found a way to deal with Western satellites, Starlink systems and other intelligence systems, and quickly reversed the situation. Now the Russian army has regained its information advantage, and has made good use of the Starlink system to carry out precise bombardment of the Ukrainian army. The information advantage that the Ukrainian army once had is losing, and the Russian army has begun to win victories on the battlefield.

Zelensky encountered serious doubts, and reporters bombarded him. There are several possibilities for Ukraine to fail . Under the unfavorable situation, Zelensky began to encounter serious doubts, and reporters also began to bombard him. On January 23, former Ukrainian TV channel host Diana Pankochen publicly bombarded Zelensky. Pan Kechen told Zelensky that arrogance is the most terrible sin, and the whole country is paying the price for you.

Indeed, the whole country is paying the price for Zelensky. Ukraine could face several scenarios in which to fail. One is that Zelensky retreated to Siwu and reached an agreement with Poland to merge into Poland. The second is to be demilitarized and have to recognize the “status” of the Russian-controlled area of ​​​​Eastern Ukraine. The third is that the authorities in Kyiv, Ukraine fled overseas to form a government, and continued to confront Russia with the support of the West. All three situations are absolutely tragic for Ukraine.