The Russian army’s performance was too stretched, Putin ordered “rectification”

Text / Jun Jian

During this period of time, the performance of the Russian army in Ukraine was too slack. After losing a large area of ​​Kharkiv control, the Russian army is now facing a difficult situation in Kherson state. In order to avoid the fall of Kherson city, Russia even had to evacuate tens of thousands of local civilians ahead of schedule.

(Ukrainian army strikes Russian army target)

This kind of performance of the Russian army naturally makes Moscow dissatisfied. According to the World Wide Web report, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the formulation of a new “Armed Forces Development Plan” and related work will be carried out in accordance with the plan.

Putin pointed out that all components of the Russian armed forces, including ground forces, must be “rectified”, including “thinking and adjusting,” in accordance with the lessons learned from “special military operations.”

(Putin and Shoigu)

Putin also asked Shoigu to lead a meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defense and experts to put forward a reasonable plan for the development of the defense industry group. The relevant plan needs to be reported at the Russian Ministry of Defense ministerial meeting in December.

According to reports, Shoigu has recently reported to Putin, confirming that Putin’s mobilization order has been fully implemented, and the goal of mobilizing 300,000 reserve troops has been achieved. At present, these new troops are going to various Russian troops on the front line in Ukraine. To a certain extent, this has changed the current problems of the Russian army’s lack of manpower and insufficient combat effectiveness.

(Russian troops in Ukraine)

Not long ago, Putin also announced the establishment of a special “Coordination Committee for the Demands of Armed Forces”, and assigned tasks to Russian officials at all levels and localities, requesting to cooperate as much as possible with special military operations, to ensure the improvement of decision-making efficiency, and to provide the Russian military with more A lot of high-quality weapons and equipment, logistical support, etc.

It can be seen that at a time when military operations are becoming more protracted, Russia is also trying to adjust to the impact of environmental changes.

As Ukraine continues to advance counter-offensive steps, Putin has ordered the four Ukrainian states that have entered Russia to activate a wartime state and have upgraded the level of alert in border areas.

But what Russia needs to consider now, in addition to the Ukraine issue, is the isolation, blockade and sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and Western countries using Ukraine as an excuse.

(Ukrainian army on the battlefield)

Putin’s request to optimize internal procedures and formulate a new plan for the development of the armed forces is not only to improve the efficiency of military operations, but also to adjust Russia’s state, so that Russia will gradually have the ability to resist sanctions and suppression by Western countries.

After all, although Russia has stabilized the exchange rate of the ruble by linking the ruble with natural gas in the early stage, so that the market will not collapse, it will still bring huge problems to Russia under sanctions from the West in the fields of science and technology. If Russia wants to obtain better living conditions, it can only start by changing itself.

(Russia uses gas to stabilize ruble)

From Putin’s series of action plans, a speculative result can also be drawn, that is, Russia realizes that Western countries will not let the Ukraine crisis end in a short time, and even if the Ukraine crisis ends, the sanctions against Russia will not be lifted. Therefore, Russia may be ready for a long-term confrontation with the West.