The Russia-Ukraine conflict shows that the development of drones is facing a huge crisis, and stealth will be the focus of global research

Who would have thought that drones can now be used on the battlefield.

Drones have come in handy since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

On 27 October 2022, Ukraine stated:

In just two days, the Russian army has dispatched more than 30 “Witness-136” suicide drones, of which 23 were shot down by the Ukrainian army.

Of course, not only Russia unilaterally dispatched drones, but Ukraine also dispatched drones.

Don’t underestimate the drone, whether it is commercial or military, whether it is powerful or not, it is now making a name for itself in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

But it also has a certain impact on the development of drones.

The experience of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows that the development of drones is facing a huge crisis

Since March, there have been frequent reports in the news between Russia and Ukraine that drones have appeared and caught the other side by surprise.

How powerful are drones?

Since it can be achieved “unknown” , clearly see the other side’s picture.

Even if you hide, it can’t hide, it can clearly record who is where.

The most important point is that it is difficult to detect, and even radar can hardly detect it, which means that its stealth performance is very good.

The reason why the drone is called a drone is that it does not require human pilots, and it shuttles through the air with its own “petite” body.

Not to mention the vision of drones, if it is not for good vision, it will not be on the battlefield at all.

The main point is: good quality and cheap!

You can buy a lot of drones and use them in combat without much capital at all.

But now used by Russia and Ukraine, the development of drones may face a crisis.

There will even be energy shortages, etc., because it has attracted research and development in various countries.

Here, countries will be scrambling to seize the opportunity.

It seems that another “commercial secret” has been found that may even reduce casualties in future operations. As long as a drone flies into the air of the other party and monitors it.

And just recently, it was reported that India is secretly developing a model of a stealth unmanned combat aircraft.

what does that mean?

The realization of “stealth” of UAVs will become the focus of research in the following countries

Of course, not only India, but also other countries such as my country and the United States are also focusing on research on drones.

Not surprisingly,

Combination of modern stealth technology and drone technology;

A new type of stealth UAV has been formed.

It has good characteristics and has significantly improved in stealth performance, survivability, and combat capabilities .

What function does it have here?

The most important work of stealth technology is to improve the ability of anti-radar detection;

Even under radar detection, it can achieve stealth well and will not be detected.

Another important work of UAV stealth technology is to improve the ability of anti-infrared detection;

That is to reduce the infrared signal characteristics of the target.

In fact, the drone was only a supporting role on the battlefield at the beginning, but now it has become the protagonist of the battlefield. This change is really too big.

Let’s take a look!

How powerful are drones around the world?

Comparison of UAVs in the United States, Russia and China

United States – MQ-9 “Reaper” UAV;

Powered by a 900-horsepower turboprop engine, the drone can fly three times faster than the Predator, reaching 480 kilometers per hour.

Its main task is to provide ground support, and if something is wrong, they can also fire at any time.

Yes, there are 6 more places to put bombs on the drone.

As of March 2008, the U.S. military used the “Reaper” UAV to carry “Hairfa” air-to-ground missiles and 500-pound laser-guided bombs to strike 16 targets in Afghanistan.

From here, we can see that this UAV in the United States is very ferocious, and it can even hit the target with precision.

Russia – S-70 “Hunter” drone;

The UAV uses an F100-PW-220U engine, which has strong stealth performance. In order to highlight the stealth effect, a flat tail nozzle is installed.

The drone’s internal bomb bay can carry 2.8 tons of weapons and ammunition.

The most important point is that in terms of speed, it reaches 1000 kilometers per hour, surpassing most drones.

China – “Falcon” UAV;

It is billed as “the king of the drone world” and uses a jet engine.

The maximum speed can reach more than 700 kilometers per hour, and the battery life is 20 hours.

It uses a flatter design with an absorbing coating on the surface to minimize radar reflections.

It can carry 12 missiles of various types at one time, and can carry out fast and precise strikes on ultra-long-distance targets.

U.S. and Russian drones, who is better?

The take-off weight is incomparable. The former has a maximum take-off weight of 4.5 tons, while the latter has a maximum take-off weight of 22.15 tons.

In terms of speed, the two are also different, the number of the former is less than half of the latter.

Of course both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Who is better for UAVs in China and the United States?

In September 2022, my country’s “Falcon” UAV not only completed a new technological breakthrough, but also won a large overseas order of 1 billion yuan.

In terms of endurance, China’s “Falcon” UAV directly crushed the American MQ-9 “Reaper” UAV.

However, the engine used in our country is different from that in the United States. This engine in our country can fly faster and have a wider combat radius.

Compared with the engine in the United States, this engine in our country has good properties.

Of course, this UAV in the United States also has its own charm.

Who is better in Chinese and Russian drones?

In terms of speed, we are slightly inferior to Russia, of course, there are certain differences in other aspects.

In addition to the above-mentioned UAV, China’s Wing Loong series and Rainbow series are now sold overseas, ahead of Russia.

Of course, whether it is the UAVs of the United States, Russia or our country, they are still innovating, and more advanced UAVs will be developed in the future.

Well, here comes the question!

What level has my country’s drones developed?

The development of UAV equipment in China has reached the world advanced level.

Yes, that’s right!

How important are drones now?

It can not only carry out long-range strikes, but also no longer have to worry about injury to its own personnel in the future.

Of course, in addition to our country, the United States, Russia, and Iran, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries have developed their own drones.

Now UAVs not only play a big role in civilian use, but also play a big role in military use.

Of course, even if we have reached the world’s advanced level, we must continue to develop and innovate.

Because we still have a lot of room for development in this regard , and what we have to do is to constantly surpass ourselves and move towards the forefront of technology!

Although the achievements of our country’s drones are already very good, we need to achieve better standards.

Only by moving forward can we continue to make breakthroughs and make technology develop faster!

It won’t be long before our country’s drones will usher in a new breakthrough.

Let’s wait and see!