The rookie scored 32 points to set a personal record, the Pacers killed the Nets, he was the hero

  On October 30th, Beijing time, the Pacers beat the Nets in an upset away game, and the highest scorer turned out to be rookie Marceline who came off the bench.

  Marceline is this year’s No. 6 rookie and has had a good performance before. He has scored in double figures in all seven games he has played.

  At the beginning of the season, he played back-to-back against the Spurs and the Pistons. He scored 26 and 27 points respectively, which has already impressed fans.

  The champion Banchero has scored more than 20 points in every game, but he has not been able to score 26 and 27 points in a row.

  Marceline set a new personal record today. He came off the bench and played 33 minutes, scoring 8 of 17 from the field, including 6 of 9 three-pointers, and scored 32 points, a team-high.

  His three-point attempts and hits also set personal records. Previously, the highest was 5 of 8 from the field.

  In the previous 3 games, he was out of standard on the outside. In the three games, he made only 2 of 14 shots in total, but he recovered his feeling today and continued the hot feeling at the beginning of the season.

  Although he came off the bench, he played 33 minutes, much higher than the starting Duarte. According to this trend, it is a matter of time before entering the starting lineup. (Angkor)

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