The return of the big devil of the Tianxiu Cup is imminent. Who is the defender of Fly and Color?

The Tianxiu Cup, sponsored by the owner of the postal restaurant and hosted by Wo Sanxia, ​​will start the S58 competition at 19:00 on October 28, and the color will be the leader to meet the challenge of Fly.

In recent years, it has been a long-standing problem for Fly to play NE. Once the state is not good, there will be some tragedies. But if you look at the historical records of Feifei and Color, you will find that from 2020 to the present, Fly is actually the dominant party (8 wins and 4 losses against Color). Judging from the recent games, Cai’s state is not stable. Although his overall strength is dominant, if there are various mistakes when playing FoCuS again, Fly still has a good chance to succeed.

Considering that the next round challenger of the Tianxiu Cup is Happy, there are not many opportunities left for other players to perform.

*Wotianxia is a technology company established by E-sports world champion Sky Li Xiaofeng. Its business covers MCN live broadcast, Warcraft 3 guild, live broadcast delivery, game competition organization, game team, etc.

today’s match

October 28th 19:00 Color vs Fly

competition system

The main clan battle, the BO7 is full, and the player who wins 4 games is successful in attacking/defending

Tournament map


Competition bonus

1. If the score is 7-0, the winner will get 10,000 yuan, and the loser will get 2,000 yuan

2. If the score is 6-1, the winner will get 8,000 yuan, and the loser will get 4,000 yuan

3. If the score is 5-2, the winner will get 7,000 yuan, and the loser will get 5,000 yuan

4. If the score is 4-3, the winner and loser will each receive 6,000 yuan