The results of the first day of the return voting are out! Monkey becomes the first fault again? Does the government really control the votes?

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Hello everyone, I’m A Mao Jun.

This year’s anniversary return voting, although it has just started, but it seems that the results are clear, at least Sun Wukong and Diaochan skins occupy the first or second place should not have run away.

Seeing such a situation, many players who like skins but are not ranked in the top five have started the so-called conspiracy theory again, thinking that the official is maliciously manipulating the votes, which leads to such a ranking now. Is this true? ?

Obviously not. Generally speaking, the spearhead of this kind of argument is all the way to the first place. After all, “the first shot of the gun” is the skin of Sun Wukong. After all, the limited skin of Sun Wukong, as long as he participates, he will return every year. How did the number of votes for the fault number one come from?

First of all, Sun Wukong itself is a big IP. He belongs to a household name and is very recognizable by the people. This has the basis of popularity. Therefore, although the audience of the king is mainly concentrated on players in their 20s and 30s, people in their teens or even a few years old are not. There are also children, elders aged forty or even fifty, and the most familiar to these people is Sun Wukong.

Secondly, the difficulty of Sun Wukong in the game is not high. The famous monkey three sticks also shows this point. It mainly relies on strengthening the normal attack damage, and it is absolutely violent output. There will be a hearty feeling, so Sun Wukong in the canyon The appearance rate has not been low. At the peak period, there were at least two monkeys every three rounds, and all the votes were game players, and the number of monkeys’ votes naturally rose.

Finally, the skin this time is Sun Xingzhe, which is the work of the 86 version of Journey to the West, so the image is the most familiar classic image, and the quality of the skin is quite high, so for players, it is where the feelings lie, and its popularity must be It is higher than the previous Supreme Treasure, the marriage of the great sage, and even the Monkey King. It is unreasonable not to have the first vote.

Therefore, it is completely nonsense to say that the official control of the number of votes is completely nonsense. Even if these are not discussed, the return of these skins is the return of the original price. Players need to pay for real gold and platinum to get them. Players will naturally not buy the skin they like. The important factor for the official return skin is revenue, which is the driving force to support the continued development of the game. If the official controls the number of votes, it will put some skins that players don’t like first. Five and then returned to the field, but the players didn’t buy it, and they didn’t choose to start, so the official move was not just because they couldn’t get along with them.

Going back 10,000 steps, if the official is really interested in returning some skins, it will be over if they return directly. , is basically superfluous, not necessary.

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