The relationship between the “Pokémon” big milk tank and Kentaro is far less simple than you think!

Some Pokémon have a corresponding relationship with each other in setting, especially some Pokémon corresponding to males and females, such as King Nido and Queen Nido, Electric Firefly and Sweet Firefly, etc. These Pokémon Although Meng did not share the same number of illustrations at that time (for example, the super-powerful Miao Meow and the love steward that appeared in later generations), in addition to these obvious ones, there are actually some Pokemon with subtle relationship in the setting. Dreams are not officially stated, but players can know a little about them through some settings. For example, the first-generation Kentaro and the second-generation big milk tank we are going to mention in this article are actually such examples.

PS: This article may not have too much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

Informal pairing:

In the Pokémon male-female relationship in the encyclopedia, there is a column of “unofficial pairing” Pokémon. The Pokémon in these relationships have not been officially stamped, but they have actually been defaulted as a pair. There are not many examples of such Pokémon, but it is not an isolated case. The most striking is the relationship between Kentaro and the big milk tank. A picture means that although it is not clearly stated, it is already very clear. In addition, Kentaro only has males, and the big milk tank has only females. However, one is a buffalo and the other is a cow, which is quite contrary.

From this point of view, the most basic pairing relationship of Kentaro is the big milk tank, so there is no need to worry that these two will end. Apart from this one, the other unofficial pairing Pokémon are Elurado. & Shaneduo, Ice Ghost Guardian & Snow Maiden, Darkrai & Cresselia, Warrior Eagle & Vulture Na, Hairy Troll & Blimwen, the rest are better to say, more controversial It is the pair of Darkrai and Cresselia, because this pair is tied together only because one is a relationship that makes people have nightmares and the other can avoid nightmares. The sense of CP inside and outside.

Informal, but already formal?

In fact, as far as the relationship between these Pokémon is concerned, it is basically equivalent to having another gender form of their own, because these Pokémon are either single-sex or genderless, and conversely, there are still many who are clearly single The gender is not matched, such as the Pokémon such as Feizu Lang and Kuaiquan Lang, and the Boss Beast has no matching relationship of its own. In this regard, Kentaro is undoubtedly the winner of the first generation. Well, the reason why the relationship is not officially announced may be because cross-species reproduction is possible in the Pokemon world, and Kentaro can also breed with other Pokemon.

Well, the above is the relevant topic that Xiao Er will talk about this time. If you don’t mention it, it is estimated that many players do not know the deep relationship between Kentaro and the big milk tank.