The registration time of the glory of the king is announced, 18 epics will get 1 for free, and a thought of gods and demons is as low as 50 coupons

Hello everyone, here is TT’s canyon diary, which will bring you the latest news of the glory of the king.

With the update of the King’s Glory, the official has also officially launched the anniversary series of activities. Although this year’s anniversary activities are not as grand as last year, the official has also brought us a lot of small surprises.

Although you can check the registration time of King Glory in many places, in fact, many ways to check are not very convenient, and the official has also brought us a summary this time. You can take a look at your own summary. In this paragraph What a wonderful process in the end.

In addition, I mentioned the news of a free skin before, that is, in addition to the new skin of Guiguzi, there is also a free epic skin. Regarding the reward of this skin, the official finally announced this reward in all aspects.

At the same time, Li Xin’s One-Think God and Demon started to engage in activities again. In theory, only 50 coupons are required at least.

Well, without further ado, let’s learn about the hot news of Glory of the King.

Glory of the King registration time announced

I believe that many players should know that the registration time of King Glory, which is the registration time of their own account, can be found in many places, but some places are relatively secret, and if you don’t understand carefully, you may not know it.

This time, the official has prepared an event for us. You can log in to the game and participate in the event to get rewards, and at the same time, you can also know your game registration time.

It is also a memory event for the 7th anniversary of the Glory of Kings. After clicking on it, you can review your own historical records, and you can also see your registration time. For example, my Glory of Kings account was registered on January 8, 2016, which is The time when I first met with Glory of Kings.

In addition to this, you can also see other historical achievements. Interested friends can go and learn about them. Finally, you can receive an exclusive title for the 7th anniversary of the glory of the king. Players who want to know their account status can also take a look. This title is also a scam.

18 epics get 1 for free

In addition to Guiguzi’s anniversary limited skin that can be obtained for free, there is also an epic treasure chest that can also get an epic skin.

In the official promotional content, we can only see information about 4 epic skins, so many players are also very curious about what epic skins are in this epic skin random treasure chest?

In fact, there are 18 skins in total. For details, you can take a look at the data shown in the picture. Among these 18 epic skins, not all skins have the same probability. The probability of these two skins is only 5%.

Then the probability of some skins is 10%, and the probability of some skins is 15%, because it is a random treasure chest, not a self-selected treasure chest, so which skins you can get depends on your luck.

A thought of gods and demons as low as 50 coupons

After the launch of the anniversary event, the official also quietly launched some additional activities.

That is, the lucky draw event of Fortune 6+1. It seems that such a lottery event will be quietly launched in some major festivals.

This Lucky 6+1 advanced lottery event has added Li Xin’s Sense of God and Demon. This skin is still very good. It only takes 50 points for a single draw. In theory, this skin only needs 50 points at a minimum. Of course, this probability is definitely relatively low, but it is quite simple to draw skins in Fortune 6+1.

If you are lucky, you may get 2000 glory points after 6 consecutive draws. Of course, this depends on your luck.

Summarize the key points

You can log in to the game and take a look at your own exclusive memory of the king. You can also see the registration time and historical records of intimate relationships here, which are quite memorable.

The rewards for epic skins have also been fully announced. A total of 18 skins can only be obtained in the end. It is not very friendly for players with full skins. For players without skins, this kind of activity is quite good.

In addition, the Lucky 6+1 lottery event is here again. This kind of luck-based event is definitely Ouhuang’s favorite.

The above is the entire content of this article. I wonder if you have any other views? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area and communicate together.