The red brick house changed by the dream has changed, and the rough house has become a livable home

This may be the best result

In last year’s show, Lao Du, a rural man from Baiyin in Gansu Province, spent 1.32 million to get a clear-water red brick yard, which aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Many people bluntly said that the house is neither beautiful nor livable, and even went to the designer’s personal account to avenge Lao Du. There are also professionals in the design industry who say that the aesthetics are remarkable, and one-sided negative comments are really unfair to designers.

At that time, the program team issued a statement stating that “the project has not been completed and will continue to be improved.” After a year, we finally ushered in the end of this house.

The exterior of the building maintains the original red brick style, but the interior is completely new, with no exposed red walls, and the home is matched with light colors, which is more visually elegant. The problems of keeping warm that netizens were worried about before have also been solved by installing a whole-house heating system.

In short, it has gone from a “Syrian” house to a livable home.


shabby gone

Living room, bathroom big change

The initial controversy over the house came from red bricks. The simplicity of clear water bricks, and even a somewhat “simple” look and feel, is quite in contrast to its million-dollar cost.

All the exposed red brick walls in the interior are now gone.

In the living room, the white walls and the wood tone are visually harmonious. After the carpet is laid and the furniture is placed, it is comfortable.

Occasionally there is one or two pieces of furniture from the past, and it is not abrupt.

Comparison of the restaurant before and after completion

The same is true for the restaurant. The original “naked” red brick walls were also painted white, and the softer gray-tone chairs and tablecloths were also replaced, creating an elegant and warm atmosphere.

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The bedroom area, although not so gorgeous, has all the lighting and comfort that a living room should have.

Comparing before and after bathroom

The renovation of the bathroom is even more obvious. At that time, the look and feel of the “rough room” really made people feel very cold. Now, all the walls are covered with materials with thermal insulation properties, which are both fashionable and practical, and the design of barrier-free facilities is specially added, which is very friendly to the elderly.

Overall, the finished home is more like a home than it did in previous shows.


Keeping warm is no longer an issue

Whole house heating system to support

In addition to the simple visual effect caused by the coldness and hardness of red bricks, the majority of netizens are confused about whether to keep warm or not.

In this improvement project, keeping warm is the top priority.

All the walls of the yard are covered with 12 cm thermal insulation boards, even the roof is not omitted. Under the square enclosure, a complete facade thermal insulation system is formed. People living in it are like living in an incubator.

At the same time, the interior of the house is embedded with a thermal insulation system in pine boards, and the bedroom area uses wood instead of brick walls to increase the overall ambient temperature.

The designer also took into account the thermal insulation of the glass window area very carefully, using three layers of hollow laminated glass to maximize the integrity of the house thermal insulation system.

In terms of heating methods, after comparison, the designer chose to use air energy as the heat source, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the monthly cost is about 800 yuan.

According to MISS, there are two charging methods for heating in Gansu: area and metering. The former is five yuan per square meter, and the latter needs to be apportioned according to the actual heat supply. Or you can burn your own gas stove for heating, which is generally lower than the first two.

The entire building area of ​​Lao Du’s house is about 300 square meters, and the indoor area is not more than 100 square meters. In comparison, the price is reasonable.


How is the livability?

In January 2022, the Lao Du family moved into this brand new residence.

Usually, he and his wife live together in the room pictured above. Not only do they have bay windows, chairs and other areas where they can rest, but they also choose a kang that is more suitable for the living habits of the elderly.

The spacious area is enough to make people sleep comfortably, and it can also meet the needs of grandchildren sleeping together when they come home.

When the whole family gathers together, a round table is added in the restaurant, which can fully accommodate the big family to eat together. This is the happy picture that Lao Du has been looking forward to.

As time goes by, Lao Du’s four seasons and his new home have been perfectly integrated.

In spring and summer, the red brick house is surrounded by greenery inside and out.

Lao Du is busy with soybeans and potatoes in the yard. He likes this vegetable garden that can be picked and eaten very much, and even thinks that it can be enjoyed as “like a landscape”.

In the autumn, he turned the place where he used to drink tea into a rice drying field, and he was still the same hard-working farmer.

Surrounding the stove in winter, roasting a bun and drinking tea, is a good day that Lao Du is familiar with.

When all the hustle and bustle is over, the days return to business as usual. Lao Du can’t say anything big, but his life has said it all.

The other protagonist of the incident, designer Tao Lei, declined the interview of the show, but continued to go to the site to solve problems during the follow-up construction until the project was completed. He also did not make any further remarks related to the show on any social platform.

Earlier, Tao Lei said that he would help Lao Du’s family to complete the unfinished part after the spring flowers bloomed. Now, it can be considered that his wish has finally been fulfilled.

MISS felt that it was time for Lao Du and designers to live a clean life.

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