The reason for the Spurs’ 12th show’s layoff is exposed: Repeatedly exposed to women

  On October 30, Beijing time, according to well-known NBA reporter Wo Shen, the Spurs’ 12th show, Joshua Primo, was accused of repeatedly exposing women to nudity.

  The Spurs abruptly waived 19-year-old No. 12 pick Primo yesterday. The Spurs’ decision to cut him was sudden and shocking, and it shows the seriousness of the problem he has committed. Yesterday, there were many speculations about what unforgivable mistake Primo made to make the Spurs make such a decision.

  Voshen revealed that Primo was accused of repeatedly exposing his body to women, known as exhibitionism, which is a mental illness.

  Primo said in a statement yesterday that he will focus on mental health treatment after being laid off.

  (Xu Chu)

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