The rare mounts in World of Warcraft, some players have not played for 8 years, and some people have gained two extremes in one day

Hello everyone, this is Zhengjing game, I’m Zhengjing little brother.

The games of this year are very test of a person’s character and blood. For players with poor character or non-Emirates blood, a piece of equipment may take a year and a half to be used. I feel that the probability of brushing the best is lower than winning the lottery.

However, some players with European bloodline or super personalities will be unbelievably lucky.

Recently, foreign “World of Warcraft” player Lyzosu shared the highlight moment of his character outbreak on the Internet, that is, he brushed two super rare props, the Invincible Mount and the Headless Horseman Mount in one day.

This post immediately aroused the onlookers of countless netizens, making everyone envious, because this is not an ordinary European emperor’s treatment, but a super European emperor’s treatment!

“Invincible” is the mount of the Lich King in the game, each character can only be played once, and the drop chance is 1%. “Reins of the Headless Horseman” is even rarer, because this mount can only be dropped by killing the Headless Horseman boss during the Halloween event, and players can only summon the Headless Horseman once a day, and the drop chance is only %4 about.

Some netizens have calculated that the probability of obtaining these two mounts on the same day is only 1/25000!

Just looking at the value doesn’t seem to be too difficult to brush out, but the value is for reference only, the drop is based on the real character!

The length of time for African players to brush these two mounts basically starts on a monthly basis. For example, in order to brush the Lich King’s mount “Invincible”, it took nearly three months to get the liver out.

The Headless Horseman is even more terrifying. Some players have not seen the hair for three or four years, but players who have been tortured to the point of heartbreak think this is a normal thing, because many players have already played 7. After 8 years, I am still empty-handed, and I feel that “headless” means that there is no end to wood.

How many 7 years can there be in life, so in order to get the headless knight as soon as possible, some players open a bunch of trumpets to improve the odds, and some players have practiced 20 86-level trumpets to play this quest .

Why level 86? Because one of the conditions for doing this task is to reach level 86.

In fact, there are also players in China who have brushed two rare items in one day. Some players said that they once brushed Phoenix and Black Dragon in one day, and they also obtained plane heads and Phoenix in one day, and players brushed two in one day. A mount for the Throne of Thunder, and even more powerful netizens said that they got the three mounts of Starlight Dragon, Phoenix, and Headless Horseman in one day.

In other words… I don’t know how many players have brushed the “Love Rocket” on Valentine’s Day, which is a double mount that only drops 0.03% of the time.

Little brother 嘠蘠公: Actually, sometimes you have to take it easy when you play games. There is no need to force some things. After all, each account has its own destiny. Some things cannot be forced. If it is not yours, it will not be yours. Yours, it’s more comfortable to play casually.

A positive question: Has your character exploded?