The province’s first sexual health management center was established in Guangdong Reproductive Hospital

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October 28 is “World Men’s Health Day”, and this year’s theme is “advocating healthy life and protecting men’s health”. On the same day, Guangdong’s first “sexual health management center” was established in Guangdong Reproductive Hospital. Zhang Xinzong, director of the Andrology Department of Guangdong Reproductive Hospital, introduced to reporters that the purpose of establishing a sexual health management center is to provide targeted health diagnosis and treatment services based on the needs of patients, promote family harmony and improve fertility.

Guangdong Reproductive Hospital Sexual Health Management Center Unveiled

Infertility due to sexual dysfunction is more than 15%

A large number of studies have shown that sexual ability is closely related to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, endocrine diseases or tumors, and sexual health will affect physical health, mental health, and interpersonal relationships.

With changes in lifestyles, the sexual attitudes of people of reproductive age around the world have also changed dramatically. The data show that between 1992 and 2015, the number of inexperienced Japanese adults aged 18-39 increased from 21.7% to 24.6%. From 2000 to 2015, the number of inexperienced men in my country increased nearly fivefold. Nearly 15.4% of young men and women are not in the mood to have sex because of work pressure. According to a quantitative survey conducted by Bain, in China, more than half of men over the age of 20 have experienced poor status, and only 12% of them choose to face it directly.

Zhang Xinzong, Director of Andrology, Guangdong Reproductive Hospital

“Gender health issues are not only related to the quality of life, but also to fertility. We set up a sexual health management center with the purpose of providing targeted health diagnosis and treatment services based on the needs of patients, promoting family harmony and improving fertility.” Guangdong Reproductive Hospital Zhang Xinzong, director of andrology, introduced that sexual and ejaculation dysfunction is one of the 16 main factors that cause infertility in WHO. Data from the andrology clinic of Guangdong Reproductive Hospital shows that the proportion of patients with infertility due to sexual dysfunction exceeds 15%, mainly including severe premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, non-ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation.

On-site consultation

Co-treatment of couples is a major feature of the Sexual Health Center

“Co-treatment of husbands and wives will be a major feature of ours. Combined with some of our clinical situations, for patients in need, the Sexual Health Management Center will organize andrology and gynecology experts to conduct joint consultations with husbands and wives.” Zhang Xinzong introduced that the frequency of sexual life is too high. Low and lack of sexual experience are also one of the main reasons for infertility, and both husband and wife need to be treated together at this time.

“The experience of infertility diagnosis and treatment shows that about 5% of infertility patients are caused by ejaculation dysfunction. After the professional guidance of clinicians, the satisfaction of sexual life and ejaculation function have been greatly improved. Some patients It was possible to get pregnant successfully.” Zhang Xinzong was impressed by a couple who had not conceived after three years of marriage. There was no abnormality in the external hospital examination, and the cause of infertility could not be found. After inquiring, Director Zhang found out: when they first got married, the woman was unwilling to cooperate due to pain in the couple’s life, and she ejaculated when she touched the vaginal opening. After professional guidance on sexual life, the patient successfully conceived within 3 months after returning home.

The Guangdong Provincial Reproductive Hospital once admitted a couple, who complained that the man had erectile dysfunction, resulting in no pregnancy for 6 years. When the gynecologist checked the woman, she found that her hymen was still intact. It was precisely because of congenital hypertrophy of the hymen and tight hymen ring that there had been a sexual disorder after 6 years of marriage. Han Liwei, chief physician of the gynecology department, performed hymenotomy and plastic surgery for her, which not only solved the problem of sexual life, but also had the possibility of natural conception after surgery.

Multidisciplinary solution to “sexual distress”

“Clinically, many erectile dysfunctions are caused by psychological factors. Some patients have no organic lesions after testing. Through targeted psychological counseling and treatment, they can gradually restore their confidence and return to a normal state.” Deputy Director of Andrology, Guangdong Reproductive Hospital Chief physician Liu Huang introduced that in the outpatient clinic, there are quite a few patients with sexual dysfunction who have reproductive needs. Through scientific instrument testing and standardized diagnosis and treatment, it will help them realize their fertility dreams.

Zhang Xinzong, for example, many patients with azoospermia also have decreased androgen levels, manifesting as sexual function problems such as low libido and erectile dysfunction; radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment of male tumor patients will also lead to decreased androgen levels, and they all need long-term Targeted treatment and sexual health management. Experts suggest that men should exercise regularly to improve their androgen levels by strengthening their bodies, which also contributes to sexual health.

Huang Weibiao, vice president of Guangdong Reproductive Hospital, said that after the establishment of the Sexual Health Management Center, it has actively cooperated with disciplines such as gynecology, imaging, and reproductive rehabilitation to provide more comprehensive, personalized, high-quality and convenient services for “sexually troubled” patients. In addition, on the day of the unveiling, the Sexual Health Management Center organized an andrology team to provide free clinics for patients. All patients who visited the clinic were exempted from registration fees, and they provided a free routine semen examination for newly diagnosed patients. (For more news, please pay attention to Yangcheng Pie

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