The producer of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”: There is no catch-up in combat power, and the picture quality on the mobile terminal will break through by leaps and bounds

The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has recently completed its first test. Everyone can finally learn a thing or two about NetEase’s extremely ambitious martial arts online game through personal experience or watching videos.

During this first test period, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” displayed quite rich content, and many of the content points (painted cakes) of the official publicity were also displayed. However, if there are players who have a certain in-depth understanding of this first test, they will definitely have many questions about the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”.

Recently, with these questions, 17173 has an exclusive interview with Ting Yu, the producer of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”. Let’s hear how he answered.

I hope that “combat power catch-up” does not exist, and play the mobile game “Backwater Cold” as a stand-alone game

17173: As previously advertised, the mobile game “Adverse Water Cold” showed a very rich gameplay content during the first test. In terms of positioning, do you think it is an open world game with MMO elements, or an MMORPG with open world gameplay?

Tingyu: My answer is “both”, it is up to the player to freely choose how they want to play.

For a player who likes the open world, he can play the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” as a stand-alone open world RPG . Different from the traditional stand-alone game, he will also meet all kinds of players in the game. On the premise of ensuring “social security”, players can freely choose whether to meet other players and play together.

For a player who likes MMO, the open world element adds more fun and content to the game world, and the player is free to choose whether to play and to what extent.

The core here is [not forced], the social content of MMO may be an optional choice for open world players (or not at all), and the content of open world will also be an optional option for MMO players, which is free for players The choice is the same, and the game does not carry out forced design.

17173: The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” provides a very rich interactive exploration gameplay in the open world, but at the same time retains the combat power design of traditional MMOs. There is a contradiction in experience between free exploration and combat power catching up. In this part, we will How is it balanced?

Tingyu: I think the most critical point is “catch up”. We hope that “combat power catch-up” does not exist, and players will not have the experience of “being forced to increase their combat power”.

Cultivation and growth are one of the core gameplay pleasures of RPG games, whether for traditional RPGs, ARPGs, and open-world RPGs. The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” will also be fun to cultivate and grow. We have deleted the combat power rankings in the game (even considered whether to delete the combat power rating as well), but finally decided to keep it for the time being The combat power rating is mainly to show the growth process for the players themselves, and to identify which equipment is better.

17173: In terms of open world gameplay, there is indeed a lot of content that can be explored in the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, but after the initial freshness has passed, you will find that the content that can be explored in the map has a high degree of repetition. In this regard, we have what solution?

Listening to the rain: This is one of the things we are doing. There are roughly the following points:

1. More innovative and interesting exploration content, as well as the echelons and changes of exploration elements to enrich.

2. Each map will have a stronger theme and unique exploration content under the theme.

3. More new maps and exploration content with unique new themes.

17173: Light value is one of the selling points that we have previously promoted, but from the first test, the equipment forging part is still very numerical. Will this part be adjusted in the future?

Tingyu: It will be further simplified.

Elemental reactions are likely to feed back end games, and there will be a leap in mobile image quality

17173: Compared with the end game, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has added element reaction, a popular gameplay mechanism in open world games. Apart from being used for open world exploration, what scenarios can element reaction be used in? Will this mechanism be fed back to the end game in the future?

Listening to the Rain: It may be applied in dungeons, PVP and casual gameplay. We firmly believe that the imagination of players is infinite, and the unique and creative application of the five elements in response will likely produce unexpected effects! E.g:

A) In this test, some players have invented the earth and five elements reaction to deal with the boss’s high-damage bullets, and the wood and grass reactions can be treated by everyone to reduce the pressure of the nurse.

B) The applications in PVP are more and more imaginative, such as using ice to freeze water to form roads, which is likely to produce a surprise attack on the battlefield.

C) There are many applications for leisure and interaction with NPCs. For example, watering plant crops, such as fishing, such as cooking (do you want to make barbecue? Or dry cured meat? Or freeze dried meat?), etc., will have many different applications and different effects.

Although it is only a small-scale online test, it is often seen that players use the reactions and interactions between elements and elements, elements and environments, and elements and individuals to subtly solve some complex puzzles, and some are even developing unexpected for the group. The rich imagination and exuberant creativity of the players using the elements amazes the development team.

Of course, it is possible for these element mechanisms to be applied to end games. Mobile games will continue to provide innovative and high-quality content. When it is verified that players like it and we evaluate it is suitable for the game, we will consider adding it to the mobile game.

17173: Will the image quality options that have not been opened in the first test open in the second test? Compared with the current picture quality, what performance will the top picture quality increase?

Tingyu: For the time being, it cannot be disclosed whether it will be open in the second test. Compared with the present, we will further improve the picture performance in all aspects, and pursue the picture quality limit of the mobile terminal and PC simulator. We will also announce a major technical cooperation meeting with a breakthrough in mobile image quality in the near future, so stay tuned.