The producer of the mobile game Adverse Water Cold talks about subverting the MMO: The combat power list has been deleted, and the combat power has almost been deleted!

Most MMOs are really not fun anymore.

Why? There are many reasons, such as forcing the liver, the daily schedule is full, and playing like going to work; forcing krypton, non-krypton or micro-krypton players become little monsters in the eyes of local tyrants; forcing social interaction, you have to join a gang to get rewards ;Forcing PVP, if you don’t like PK, you have to play competition or you will lose rewards…

These are pain points for MMOs, but what is the “root of all evil” that causes it all?

In a word, it is combat power. Or the pressure of catching up with combat power. Various rankings, gameplay thresholds, comparisons between players, and PK will all cause this kind of pressure.

Think back:

You don’t need to chase combat power, you don’t have to do daily collection of daily rewards, and you won’t be forced into the liver;

No need to chase combat power, no need to pay for gold to become stronger, there is no so-called P2W;

You don’t have to chase combat power, you don’t have to force social interaction and PK for rewards…

However, the growth of combat power, as the core pursuit of traditional MMOs, is there really any MMO willing to give up the design of combat power?

There really is. Recently, Ting Yu, the producer of NetEase’s open-world martial arts mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, said in an interview with the media: “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game does not have combat power to catch up!

Producer Ting Yu said in an interview: We hope to realize that “combat power catch-up” does not exist, and players will not have the experience of “being forced to improve their combat power”.

The producer went on to explain: “Nurturing and growing up are one of the core game pleasures of RPG games, whether it is for traditional RPGs, ARPGs and open world RPGs. The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” will also do a good job of nurturing and growing up. , we have deleted the combat power rankings in the game (even considered whether to delete the combat power rating as well) , but finally decided to keep the combat power rating temporarily, mainly to show the growth process for the players themselves, and To identify which piece of equipment is better.”

Deleting the leaderboard, there is no combat power to catch up, and even almost delete the combat power. Don’t you want to make money through krypton gold for the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”?

They really said so. Previously, the mobile game Adverse Water Cold stated in the official announcement: The mobile game “Adverse Water Cold” does not cost money, and will give up part or all of the value payment.

Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games also said that it will learn the model of “Yuan Shen”, carry out drastic reforms to traditional MMOs, pursue small payments per capita, attract players through high-quality gameplay content, and retain through continuous high-quality updates. player.

Having said so much “big talk”, can Adverse Water Cold mobile game really do it?

At present, the first test of Adverse Water Cold mobile game has just ended. Judging from the performance of the first test: it is really possible.

The first test Adverse Water Cold mobile game shows an incomparably huge open world. There are nearly 2,000 puzzles in seven open world areas, hundreds of adventures and butterfly effect NPCs, and the elemental reactions of gold, wood, water, fire, and soil are also very interesting.

Almost all martial arts in the game are not bought in the mall, but obtained directly from treasure chests in the open world, including priceless stunts, which surprised the players who participated in the test.

In addition, the game has loaded more than 400 NPCs with the Fuxi artificial intelligence engine, which has emotions, memory, and intelligence. It can understand the player’s typing and understand the player’s voice! Many players thought that they had “seen a ghost” and couldn’t tell the difference between NPCs and real players. Some players also believe that: NPC interaction directly improves the game a grade.

In the first test of Adverse Water Cold mobile game, it got a high score of 9.1 points on Tap, and it topped the Tap reservation list during the test. This kind of achievement is quite rare today when the second dimension is in power.

Very much looking forward to the second test of Adverse Water Cold mobile game, which may bring new vitality and surprises to the MMO category, just like their official dream: to make MMO great again.