The Pro Max version can’t stand it either! iPhone 14 full channel quotations break

At the beginning of the month, the first sale of the iPhone 14 Plus broke, and the upgrades of basic models including the iPhone 14 were limited. The sales of the iPhone on the original generation machine were unprecedented in history. In addition to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, the popularity of the iPhone 14 Pro series seems to have also been seen. top.

Today, there are channel quotations circulating on the Internet. The quotation shows that the iPhone 14 Pro Max 128G gold, iPhone 14 Pro 128G gold, and purple are already lower than the official website prices. The quotations are 8950 yuan, 7850 yuan and 7880 yuan respectively.

Not only the channel price has broken, but the delivery time of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max on the official website has also been significantly shortened. When the Pro series was first sold, it took more than a month to get the goods. Now the delivery time on Apple’s official website has been shortened to 3 weeks. about.

Of course, these are just the words of one family, and do not represent the current situation of the entire market. However, the decline in popularity is still certain. Those who want to buy a machine can pay attention to it. It is likely that there will be a relatively large discount during the Double Eleven period.