The price is tens of thousands! Tesla children’s electric motorcycles are recalled: there are safety risks

On October 28, according to foreign media Teslarati, Tesla’s Cybersquad for Kids children’s electric motorcycle has been recalled by its manufacturer Radio Flyer because it does not meet safety regulations. It is reported that more than 5,000 children’s electric motorcycles sold by Tesla have been recalled.

The reason why Tesla’s electric motorcycle for children was recalled on a large scale was mainly due to the existence of major safety hazards. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission pointed out that the product did not meet U.S. all-terrain vehicle safety standards for children, such as mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure.

(Image credit: Teslarati)

What’s more, this car has no certified ATV action plan, so it will be forced to recall. Of course, consumers who buy this children’s motorcycle don’t have to worry, the manufacturer Radio Flyer said it will refund its motor controller and compensate $1,900, but it is unclear whether the new Cybersquad for Kids will be sold again.

(Image credit: Teslarati)

However, what shocked Xiao Lei the most was that many people bought Tesla’s electric motorcycle. According to Xiaolei, Tesla’s children’s electric motorcycle is priced as high as 1,900 US dollars. Objectively speaking, Tesla’s children’s electric motorcycle is not very cost-effective. The reason why it was snapped up after it was put on the shelves is mainly because of Tesla’s brand influence.

(Image source: Tesla official website)

At present, Tesla has built itself into an IP. As long as it is designed by Tesla or has the Tesla logo, it will be favored by consumers, just like the whistle and empty wine bottles that Tesla sold before. Same. It is precisely because of Tesla’s strong market appeal that it is recognized by the capital market and its peripheral products are welcomed by consumers. It is foreseeable that Tesla may launch more peripheral products in the future to obtain more profits.

(Cover image credit: Teslarati)