The price difference is 20 times! Big-name groups take stock of the middle and the replacement


 Flattering Goods Series 

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Before buying skin care products on Double 11, you must watch this video. It summarizes the big brands of the same group, the same efficacy, and the same ingredients , as well as the replacement of the big brands, and the replacement, the price difference ranges from 3 to 10 times!

It is not that the replacement can replace the lady brand, but when you know that there are so many choices, you can choose the most suitable one for you, whether it is efficacy or price .


Lancome small black bottle 

¥760/30ml; 6(fVQDdZZ7SzO)://

Replacement: L’Oreal Black Serum

¥269/30ml; 7(2SIfdZZ7cn8)://

Flat and flat: Meiji peptide stock solution 

¥179/30ml; 4(p9lkdZZS2mi)://

Lancome small black bottle, more than 700 yuan; L’Oreal black essence, more than 200 yuan; beauty is the ecological original solution, more than 100 yuan.

Old fans should know that Lancome’s small black bottle is a bit like my essence .

Every time I feel that my skin is fragile and sensitive, or I can’t absorb anything and it will sting, using it for a week is basically like returning to my soul . Especially when the skin is very out of shape, and it is not compliant with any makeup, using it is a bit of a life-changing feeling.

As we all know, its replacement is L’Oreal’s black essence , but many people don’t know that its replacement is Meiji’s peptide stock solution .

I pulled out a formula table of the three of them and compared them. There is almost no difference. The formula structure is similar. The core component group is bifidus yeast solution plus HEPES, plus adenosine ; the effects are all stable + Repair light damage , then increase cell activity, speed up metabolism, etc.

In short, if you want to maintain stability or fight against the young and old , you can choose according to your own budget and this price gradient. The texture of the three of them can be said to be copy-paste, all of which are egg white textures , and they are indeed born by the same mother.


shurico luminous bottle

¥990/30ml; 8(1bz6dZZhLwv)://

Replacement: L’Oreal Photon Bottle

¥259/30ml; 1(YLaDdZZ6Cvr)://

Flatter: Garnier Essence

¥79/30ml; 2(UBwUdZZ6X3Y):// 

Whether whitening is effective or not, the ingredients are the most important. If you open the formula table of the Xiulike luminous bottle, you will find that it is a gift package for melanin containment , which integrates whitening, blemish reduction and anti-oxidation.

It is very expensive for other brands to copy one or two ingredients, and L’Oreal Group is worthy of being the L’Oreal Group.

It shared its core ingredients , niacinamide and HEPES , with a photon bottle that cost more than 200 yuan. What’s even more amazing is that I actually saw this ingredient combination in the Garnier formula table for more than 50 yuan.

In fact, many brands will refer to their formulas when making whitening products, but the products are not only determined by the formula, but also by the production technology and key processes . Therefore, if the same formula is to be used to the extreme, I still believe in the same group. true replacement.

In terms of experience, I think the luminous bottle is relatively oily . Maybe when it has to carry so many active ingredients and has such high activity, its skin feel will be sacrificed.

And the photon bottle is really very comfortable and can be used all year round, and all skin types do not hate it . Garnier’s words, the flavor is indeed a bit strong, but for the sake of honesty, it can be forgiven.


CPB Brightening Essence

¥1380/40m; 7(VUbvdZZ6bUh)://

Replacement: HAKU superconducting light chasing bottle

300/20ml; 6(mfBWdZZTnDx)://

Flattering: URARA White Crystal Clear Spot Serum

¥216/35ml; purchasing

Did not expect it! In addition to L’Oreal Group, Shiseido Group is also a group that is good at nesting dolls. There are CPB light whitening essence on the top, HAKU’s superconducting light chasing bottle, and URARA light spot essence on the bottom.

All three of them used Shiseido’s very powerful patented ingredients 4MKS + tranexamic acid . These two ingredients are very well-received in the industry and can inhibit the production of melanin from the source. The texture and skin feel of the three are similar

The most recommended one is URARA, which costs more than 200 yuan , but it uses some high-end ingredients and technologies from Shiseido, but it is only produced in China. Anyway, it is cost-effective.


Shiseido blue fat man

¥380/50ml; 4(05RpdZZg4AP)://

Replacement: Fatty Yellow Opal

¥210/60m; 0(tvO1dZZg7s5)://

Flattering: URARA Multi-Light Sunscreen

¥105/60ml; purchasing

The strength of Shiseido in sun protection is really obvious to all. The blue fat man belongs to an existence that will be repurchased every year, the security of the beach, and the timeless classics . But this year, I started to use the Opalite Yellow Fatty, and I think it is quite similar, both in terms of skin feel and sun protection.

Pull out their formulas to compare, they are all sunscreens combined with physical and chemical substances. And you can see that their packaging is round, and they are very explicit when it comes to replacement, okay?

The three of them have similar skin feel, but I think the film feeling of the blue fat man will be stronger . These three are SPF50+ and PA++++ with high multiples of sunscreen . You can choose the one that suits you according to your economic strength.

Before recording this video, I specifically asked the formulation engineers in the large group. They said that the main purpose of product development is to achieve a common purpose .

However, the products of the lady line have more budget to achieve this goal, while the budget line has less budget, so a concentration of active ingredients will be adjusted. Other brands may use some cheap ingredients to replace expensive ingredients.

In my opinion, it is more reliable to choose a replacement product in the same group, because the production technology and process are relatively mature , so the replacement is an option, not a complete replacement.

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