The post-90s have started to go bald? Don’t panic! The correct anti-hair loss strategy is here! The effect kills hair transplantation in seconds!

The post-90s have started to go bald? Don’t panic! The correct anti-hair loss strategy is here! The effect kills hair transplantation in seconds!

A very popular saying recently, the earliest batch of post-90s have already started to lose their hair.

Before, I always felt that I was still young, and my hair loss had nothing to do with me. I did a lot of transformations on my hair while I was young. When the volume of ponytail hair became less and less, I began to clearly know that I was in the period of hair loss! ! ! It was then that I regretted what I did when I was young.

I don’t need to say more about how less hair affects your life. Not only is your daily life affected, but every time you wash your hair, the ground gets dark, the drains are blocked, and you have to sweep the floor every day. . And the most important thing is that it affects the appearance very much. Hair is the second face of a girl. Think about it, can you look good without hair?

Fortunately, after all my “tossing”, my hair has recovered to a thick state, so today I will tell you about my hair growth tips, hoping to help friends who have the same troubles!

【First of all, you must know why you are losing hair before treating hair loss.

1. Anti-hair loss

I am a typical neuropathic hair loss, mainly caused by staying up late and mental stress. I have used many hair growth products in the process of hair growth, and the one I have insisted on is this ” Figure 1, this hair growth lotion” ! The design of the ampoule is quite convenient, it is not greasy when applied to the head, and it can be absorbed by hand massage for a while!

I usually use it every morning and evening for about a month. I found that my hair fell less when I washed my hair, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I still insist on wiping it every day . One day, I looked in the mirror and suddenly found that there were small hairs growing on the top of my head. It really surprised me. Now my hair has basically recovered. Although its hair growth cycle is a bit long, I think the effect is really good!

2. Auxiliary measures

We must get rid of some of our bad habits when treating hair loss:

1. Do not wash your hair. Many people feel that if their hair is short, they do not wash their hair for a long time. If they do not wash their hair for a long time , the oil secreted by the scalp and the dust in the air will gradually accumulate on the surface of the scalp. Slowly, the hair follicles will be blocked and the hair will grow. The speed of the hair will be slower and slower , and the nutrition of the hair will not keep up, and it will slowly fall out. It is recommended that the frequency of shampooing should be controlled at 2-3 times a week!

2. Frequent perm and dye hair. The damage to the hair is very serious, which not only affects the hair quality, but also causes the hair to lose its nutrition and eventually cause hair loss. It is recommended that you reduce the frequency of dyeing and ironing, and the interval is preferably more than 6 months.

3. Dieting can also cause hair loss . Nowadays, many friends have been dieting and losing weight in order to maintain their body shape. This not only hurts the stomach, but also causes the loss of protein in the body, and the nutrient intake of the hair will become less and less, and hair loss will gradually appear . It is recommended that everyone eat a balanced diet, mix meat and vegetables, and drink black sesame paste every day, which is very helpful for hair growth!

4. Often stay up late. Nowadays, many friends like to stay up late. If they don’t rest on time, their body organs will not be able to rest, and their resistance and immunity will also be reduced. In addition, they like to eat some irritating things, and the nutrition on the hair cannot keep up, which will cause hair loss. . It is recommended that everyone try to fall asleep before 11:00, and the sleep time should not be less than seven hours!

Well, the above is my little experience, I hope it can help you!