The popular science series “Huwei Health Talk” was launched to pass health knowledge to Shanghai citizens

In order to implement the requirements of the Healthy China Action, the Healthy Shanghai Action and the “Guiding Opinions on the Release and Dissemination Mechanisms of Health Science Popularization Knowledge” by nine departments including the National Health and Health Commission, and effectively give play to the main positions and main forces of health science popularization for medical institutions and medical personnel, increase health The high-quality supply of popular science services has continuously improved citizens’ sense of health gain, and facilitated healthy Shanghai actions and normalized epidemic prevention and control. Launched a series of popular science programs “Huwei Health Talk”, which will be broadcast on Shanghai Education TV from October 29 and live online on “Famous Doctors at Sea”.

“Huwei Health Talk” broadcast arrangement.

“Huwei Health Talk” aims at the main risk factors affecting citizens’ health and the hot health misunderstandings that citizens care about. It integrates interesting, popular, diverse, and cross-border topics, and has launched 15 novel and vivid health science speeches with distinct themes. Programs and online live events, through the authoritative popular science interpretation of director-level experts from municipal medical institutions, combined with the fashionable and technologically-sense TED wide arc screen display, immersive “substitute” popular science scenes into the daily life of the public, making the concept of health more effective. Expression is more fashionable, interesting, flexible and practical. TV viewing starts from October 29th, every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 am, Shanghai Education TV will premiere; online viewing is every Monday, SETV Health is very different video account, watermelon video, Bilibili, Toutiao, etc. Simultaneous broadcast.

It is worth mentioning that most of the experts participating in the “Huwei Health Talk” program are from the Shanghai health science expert database. At present, Shanghai has established a municipal-level health science expert database covering 38 disciplines with 629 experts. This is also the science database covering the most disciplines and the largest number of experts in Shanghai’s health field so far. It aims to increase authoritative health science popularization. Knowledge supply, guided by public health needs, expands the dissemination coverage of health science knowledge, provides convenience for citizens to obtain health science knowledge, improves the quality of health information, curbs false health information, and purifies the environment for health science knowledge dissemination.

In this program, experts show their strengths and carry out health science dissemination in an all-round way, so that citizens can obtain scientific and authoritative health knowledge. For example, Wang Jing, director of the Department of Otology, Eye, ENT, and Throat Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, demonstrated the ins and outs of the fascinating “otolithiasis” with rich and detailed animations; Using the humorous voice of “one-room household becomes a big villa”, combined with traditional Chinese medicine anorectal guiding exercises and three characteristic plasters, the knowledge points are rich, solid and comprehensive. The core concept of health is “safe and healthy”; Qin Jun, deputy chief physician of gastrointestinal surgery of Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, who used the friendly “Hupu” to set up popular science classes in Fangcang during the “epidemic” war, this time with the next door. The story of Age Guangbing is threaded through needles and leads, vividly interpreting the various situations of all living beings in the prevention of bowel cancer and in the face of anal examination… Lin Hong, chief physician of the Department of Orthopedics, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Zheng Jicui, deputy chief physician of surgery, Pediatric Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai No. 6 Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Department of Orthopedics of the People’s Hospital, and more than a dozen famous doctors in Shanghai have gathered at the “Huwei Health Talk” and will take the stage together to present to the general public a wonderful “health” with Shanghai-style cultural characteristics and dual enjoyment of sight and hearing. Say”.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Promotion Committee Office stated that the city will further give full play to the technical support role of the health science expert database, better lead the city’s health and health system to do a good job in health science, and popularize authoritative scientific health through the whole population, all fields, and the whole life cycle. knowledge, and further improve the health literacy level of 25 million citizens.