The players of Adverse Water Cold are angry: Everyone says that NetEase is rotten, right? Let’s pull out 100 pictures for comparison

I believe that many netizens who are more concerned about MMROPG information like me have learned about the game “Reverse Water Cold” from various channels! In particular, the emoji package of “Reverse Water Cold”, which has been popular all over the Internet since 2018, has suddenly become a cloud player and Xiaoshuizi, and smeared “Reverse Water Cold”.

Until now, there are still some people who have never played “Reverse Water Cold”, using this picture to slander “Reverse Water Cold”! When the update frequency of other works of the same type has been extremely slow, some people have recently brought up NetEase games and they are all rotten. The picture quality of “Reverse Water Cold” is not worth mentioning in front of other games. The rhythm of the group is nothing. A large number of players of “Reverse Water Cold” discovered this topic, and after some people agreed with it without thinking, they immediately began to fight back against it.

First of all, from the perspective of gameplay updates, “Reverse Water Cold”, which has long announced that its level will be permanently capped, has been launched in the course of more than four years of operation. At the same time, there is a cross-server battlefield that accommodates thousands of people in Kunlun, as well as a large number of new PVE dungeon gameplay.

It not only meets the needs of high-end PVP players, but also makes “Against the Water Cold” a financial management online game that can bring stable income to the brick-moving party.

Secondly, the official launch of the full-server trading system has broken the economic barriers between the major servers of “Reverse Water Cold” in one fell swoop. When a large number of ordinary players buy their favorite items on other servers, they will no longer be bound by high-priced air tickets! In terms of economic system, “Backwater Cold” has become an evergreen online game comparable to “Fantasy Westward Journey”.

Finally, there are some experienced players of “Reverse Water Cold”, who compared the fashion history of “Reverse Water Cold” and other games of the same type! Just using a certain knife’s fashion map and comparing it with the update of the fourth anniversary wedding dress of “Against the Water Cold”, all the players of a certain knife were silenced.

When a certain three players proposed a picture quality comparison, a large number of players of “Reverse Water Cold” who specialized in shooting skills directly posted the beautiful selfies they took under the blessing of the highest picture quality of “Reverse Water Cold”!

And he said bluntly: There are at least more than 100 pictures of random framing pictures in hand, all of which were shot with different fashions and hairstyles.

When the 40-series graphics card was officially launched, it was the first to become a strategic partner of NVIDIA, and put the low-light rendering technology into the game “Reverse Water Cold”. Comparable to large-scale network terminal games.

So everyone thinks that, as the “King of Inner Volume” in the game industry, has “Adverse Water Cold” already pulled the gap between itself and its peers for more than ten years, and has become a real “ceiling” in the industry? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss, thank you!