The physical strength value of Fantasy Westward Journey hides the doorway, and the old driver shares the money-making game about physical strength!

There are many ways to make money in Fantasy Westward Journey. In addition to the common brush tasks, physical strength can actually get a lot of money. The following Xiaosheng will share with you the ways to make money related to physical strength, and see which one is more suitable for you.


normal way

There are two ways that people deal with physical strength to obtain stable benefits.

1. Working part-time

Going to work at Yan Ruyu is the fastest way. Every 40 points of stamina can be exchanged for 3000 fantasy coins, that is, each point of stamina can be worth 75 taels. If it is a player who is raising a number, in exchange for the reserve fund, the physical benefit can be maximized.

2. Voting by the chief disciple

Players at level 30 and above can also go to the chief disciple to vote for the players who “stand guard” next week, and consume 100 stamina to get 1W fantasy coins, but only once a week. It is recommended that everyone wait until Saturday before voting, because some bigwigs may pay for the votes, which is equivalent to extra income!



There are four ways to make money by setting up a stall to consume energy. You need to learn skills to set up a stall, which is suitable for players who hang up all the year round.

1. Gem synthesis

The threshold is low and there are synthetic gemstone services, and you can get the stall setting skill by learning gem crafting level 5 (full level 7). The stamina required for synthesizing gemstones is the raw material level * 10, and the synthesizing star pyroxene is based on 60 stamina points, with an additional 30 points for each level, such as 60 points for synthesizing level 2, 90 points for level 3, and so on. The price of setting up a stall can be as shown in the picture above. Each point of physical strength is set at 50-150 taels, which can quickly clear up physical strength.

2. Spirit Stone Synthesis

The threshold is high and there are spirit stone skills stalls, but this skill is an auxiliary skill, and the cost of learning is relatively high. The stamina consumption is the stamina of the spirit stone level * 10, which is almost the same as the synthesis of gems, and each point of stamina can be set at 150-250.

3. Furniture manufacturing

The art of craftsmanship can make money by setting up a stall. The principle is to make furniture drawings into furniture, but the market demand is small. Usually, it is an industry chain in which the 1st and 2nd level blueprints are made by themselves, and then the blueprints are made into furniture for sale. If you feel that vitality is used for other purposes, you can make money by making only wishful symbols, which can usually be sold for 5,000-10,000 taels.

4. Build equipment

The relatively unpopular way to set up a stall is to build equipment. You can set up a stall by learning auxiliary skills, tailoring, alchemy, and reaching the corresponding proficiency. Some celebrity builders can earn millions of fantasy coins for making 150 and 160 equipment. Everyone who wants to be an equipment dealer can try it, but in today’s big environment there are many competitors, and it is very difficult to become a famous player.


face shape play

This kind of gameplay simply means that there is a profit or loss situation, and whether it can make money or not depends on luck.

1. Transform into card synthesis

Use the pet’s demon refining skill to synthesize target cards through cards and summoned beasts.

There are three commonly used ways to make money by synthesizing cards: 1. The 2-level garbage card that is full of times is combined with the wild ghost card once, and the cost is about 1W5-2W. Sell ​​3W5-4W; 2. Butterfly cards that are combined with the butterfly fairy for 2 times. The cost is about 3-3W5, and it is sold for 5W5-6W; 3. The 6-level garbage card with the full number of times is combined with the mouse pioneer 3 times. The cost is about 10W-11W, and it is sold at 18-24W. Synthesizing the target card is not 100% successful, and if you combine other transformation cards, you will lose money.

Another unpopular way to make money is to use 6 or full 7-level cards and 0-level night rakshasas to synthesize 3 times night rakshasa transformation cards, but the success rate of cards above 8th level is obviously lower than the above 3 methods. Want to make money too much.

2. Decomposition equipment

The disintegrator and stamina consumption of dismantling equipment, as well as the number of adsorption stones obtained are shown in the figure above (the three failures cannot be dismantled). Usually, level 60-80 equipment is the ring for the task, level 90-110 weapons are required for special tasks such as ascension, level 150 equipment can be transformed into a body, and the rest of the equipment can be decomposed to obtain adsorption stones. It is recommended that players who often play pictures use the national standard weapons on their bodies to fail 2 times and have 0 durability before disassembling them. In addition, flexible prices can be used to buy 120-140 national standard weapons to decompose and profit.

It is recommended to decompose the summoned beast equipment of level 105 and 115. If you decompose the level 105, you can get the level 95 refining stone and 1-2 adsorption stones. If you decompose the level 115, you can get the level 105 refining stone and 1-3 adsorption stones. The purchase price of 105 level is 4-6W, and the 115 level is 9-11W.

3. Refining & Decomposing Sky Eyes

You can randomly refine into celestial eye beads, three-eyed dzi beads and nine-eyed dzi beads by using demon refining stones (choose level 105 or above) and random summoned beasts. The remaining Sky Eyeballs are considered to be sold or disassembled.

But if you want to decompose the sky eyeball, you need to learn the skills of the spirit stone. As long as you don’t avoid the spirit stone, you can basically make money.

The above are the methods that Xiaosheng summarizes to deal with physical strength. Do you have other different views? Let’s analyze and discuss together!