The philosophy of life in thirty minutes

Recently, my work and even my life have been busy and fulfilling. And this “point” is often measured in minutes or even seconds.

In my busy schedule, I found thirty minutes to be an interesting time.

Every time we measure the cost of time, we subconsciously use 30 minutes as the standard. For more than 30 minutes, most of us will describe it in “hours”. On the contrary, the time within 30 minutes is very likely to be calculated in minutes and seconds.

In 30 minutes when “minutes and seconds” are more valued, using time efficiently and pragmatically is equivalent to prolonging life and making it more valuable!

Every time I press the timing start button of the chronograph, most of it is to seize the time within 30 minutes. Generally more than 30 minutes, I rarely use the timing function of the watch. I feel that beyond this time point, there seems to be no Losing the need for precise timing, just look at the time and calculate it roughly.

Looking at the timing function of most of the current chronograph watches, most of them are 60 minutes to several hours. Even if there is a small dial scale setting for 30 minutes, there will be a timing function in hours. Watches that pragmatically lock their chronograph functions within the most commonly used 30-minute range are quite rare.

This year, Glashütte Original launched a new SeaQ chronograph, adding a chronograph function to the SeaQ diving watch for the first time, and very pragmatically removed the chronograph scale that was not often used, leaving only a short time of 30 minutes, making it a A chronograph watch that is closer to the needs of use and is highly practical.

As one of the well-known German watchmaking brands, the most rare thing about Glashütte Original is its unique German watchmaking tradition, and since the establishment of the Glashütte watchmaking industry in 1845, the uninterrupted production Table History. Whether at the end of World War II, which was almost destroyed, or the East German period when watchmaking skills and watchmaking resources were limited, Glashütte Original has always adhered to the lifeline of German watchmaking.

1969 Spezimatic diver’s watch from the GUB People’s Watch Factory in East Germany

The SeaQ diving watch, which has become the most original and most representative sports watch in Glashütte, is inspired by the Spezimatic diving watch from the GUB People’s Watch Factory in East Germany in 1969. The slightly narrowed rotatable bezel, the unique hour-marker font and the arrow pointer are all features of the watch at the time.

The distinctive style, coupled with the excellent German craftsmanship and tradition, make SeaQ watches one of the most advanced diving watches, which are loved by many consumers and are the first choice for many people to buy original Glashütte watches. one.

The just-launched new SeaQ chronograph adds a practical 30-minute flyback chronograph function to the original design. This is the first time that this complex chronograph function has appeared on a SeaQ watch.

Compared with the SeaQ predecessor, the new SeaQ chronograph dial has two more round subdials decorated with snail-shaped patterns in the center of the dial. The subdial at 9 o’clock is the small seconds dial, because the central second hand is used as the chronograph second hand, so the travel second hand is set here.

The subdial at 3 o’clock is a 30-minute timing display. When the timing brake button above the crown is pressed, the dial pointer will synchronize the movement of the central chronograph second hand to indicate the minute progress of the timing.

For SeaQ chronographs with a flyback function, even if the reset button under the crown is pressed while the timing is in progress, the chronograph hands can be reset instantly and the timing function can be restarted at the same time.

Compared with the previous large calendar, the dial size of the SeaQ chronograph remains unchanged at 43.2 mm, and it also retains Glashütte’s original and most representative large calendar display.

However, due to the need to accommodate two circular sub-dials associated with the chronograph function, only the digital hour markers at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are retained, while the original large date window at 4 o’clock is arranged at the 6 o’clock position. above.

The layout of the dial retains an appropriate space, and it will not appear too crowded due to the addition of the small dial. While reading the time information comfortably and clearly, it retains the consistent German elegance of the SeaQ watch.

In order to realize the timing function, the SeaQ chronograph is equipped with the brand-made 37-23 self-winding chronograph movement.

Caliber 37 can be said to be Glashütte’s original and iconic self-made chronograph movement, which was launched as early as 2014 and can be seen on both Senator chronographs and chronographs in the 1970s.

Glashütte Original Caliber 37

The use of silicon hairspring makes the 37 movement have better anti-magnetic ability and durability, and the column wheel is an indispensable part of high-end chronograph movements, in addition to the chronograph function wheel used to assist in driving/stopping the movement In addition to the system, it also adds to the overall beauty and strengthens the display of precision mechanical style. The power reserve of up to 70 hours gives the watch excellent practicality to meet the needs of modern life.

The 37-23 self-winding chronograph movement has been optimized on the basis of the original 37 movement, and the 12-hour chronograph and power reserve display have been removed. The shock resistance has been improved, so that the watch can be better Cope with shock shocks from land or underwater.

Turning to the back of the watch, through the sapphire glass case back, you can see the familiar German elements of Glashütte’s original – three-quarter splint, gooseneck fine adjustment, columnar polishing and golden double G oscillating weight, etc. .

In addition to the practical short chronograph function, the just-right dial design and the excellent internal movement, the 300-meter water resistance also makes the SeaQ chronograph even better.

Simply put, this waterproof depth means that the SeaQ chronograph can meet the wearing needs of most people on the earth, and there is no problem in going up and down the mountain, going to the sea, and traveling around the world.

Not simply, there is a “multi-layer” meaning behind the 300-meter water resistance of the SeaQ chronograph. In addition to passing the ISO 6425 international certification waterproof testing standard, the SeaQ chronograph has also passed the more stringent DIN 8306 German waterproof certification. The rigorous attitude of the German brand to the high standards of production makes the waterproof ability of the SeaQ chronograph strongly supported and guaranteed.

After talking about the inside that makes people happy, let’s take a look at the appearance that I like at a glance.

Dark blue is the new color of the SeaQ chronograph. The plated sunray dial looks deep and changeable under the light, and the two small dials decorated with snail patterns show a unique light due to the different light angles. sense effect.

The rotating bezel is embedded with ceramic material, which is both warm and scratch-resistant. The stainless steel case uses a combination of polishing and brushing to add a level of detail to the material. The double G logo representing the brand on the crown shows the delicacy and care of the tiny details.

Glashütte Original has prepared four straps for different wearing scenarios of the SeaQ chronograph, which are stainless steel straps, blue rubber straps, blue nylon woven straps and gray nylon woven straps.

Although rubber straps and stainless steel straps are more common in sports watches in the past, fabric straps have become more popular in recent years, and their durability and convenience have also been recognized by wearers.

In my opinion, the application scenarios for the four straps are different. Generally, diving watches with chronograph functions are of course suitable for more relaxed and more casual clothing styles, but thanks to the detailed and elegant shape of the SeaQ chronograph, it is also very good to match with formal clothing such as shirts and suits.

I usually use a stainless steel strap with a formal dress to highlight the rich design of the watch dial; use a rubber strap with sportswear, especially when it comes to sports scenes related to water; nylon fabric straps are used in a wider range of scenarios. It is simple and practical for daily life, and the comfort is also very good. The blue nylon fabric strap is the same color as the dial, and the overall feel is stronger, but if you prefer a vintage feel, you can choose a gray nylon fabric strap.

In general, the SeaQ chronograph gives the wearer a sunny impression of advocating outdoor activities, and the existence of timing also highlights the wearer’s strong sense of time. The slightly raised curved mirror makes the dial appear three-dimensional, and the magnification effect also makes the reading clearer, the weight is moderate, and the overall wearing experience is quite comfortable.

Although the thickness of more than 16 mm is not slender, compared with a watch that is compatible with the three major elements of waterproof 300 meters, large calendar and chronograph function, this thickness really does not need to be concerned.

As Glashütte Original’s first diving watch with a chronograph function, the SeaQ Chronograph can be said to be the most sporty chronograph style of Glashütte Original.

Its arrival not only enriches the SeaQ models, but also allows us to see the development potential of Glashütte original in sports-style watches, and we begin to look forward to the possibility of more diverse German sports watches.

If you’ve been looking for a watch lately whose keywords are “sport”, “German watch” and “chronograph”, the new Glashütte Original SeaQ Chronograph is exactly what you need, with its pragmatic 30-minute short The timing function begins to help you better control your life the moment you press the timing button!