The performance is too bright! Domestic laser weapons shot down 13 drones in the Middle East, attracting many countries to snap up

Recently, the “Shaheed 136” suicide drone made by Iran can be said to have shown great power on the Ukrainian battlefield. Therefore, it has also attracted a lot of attention around the world. In the face of this weapon brought out by the Russian army, Ukraine also said that it has no good response. After all, they can use individual anti-aircraft missiles. Or it was assisted by the West, and the short-range air defense missiles shot down these drones of the Russian army. But from an economic point of view, it is not cost-effective. After all, the “Shaheed 136” suicide drone costs only about $20,000 per unit. But various medium and short-range air defense missiles cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. So how to find and solve this kind of cheap drones in time has become a problem that all countries are thinking about.

In this regard, we do not feel that there is any difficulty. Because we already have a solution, and we have already done it in practice. According to a recent report by the US “Military Declassified” website, the Saudi media actually conducted a “buyer show” on its social network. The protagonist is the “Silent Hunter” laser air defense system imported from us by the Saudi military. From the video footage they released, it can be seen that the location is in the desert somewhere in Saudi Arabia. The protagonist is deployed, a “Silent Hunter” laser weapon launch vehicle, and a 3D TWA radar vehicle.

It is understood that this radar is a product developed and manufactured by us, the 14th Institute of Electronic Science and Technology, a military enterprise. It has three phased array antenna fronts arranged in a triangle. This allows each front to cover a 120-degree viewing angle. In addition, the fiber laser used by “Silent Hunter” has a maximum power range of 30 to 100 kilowatts. For example, the version purchased by Saudi Arabia has a maximum transmission power of 30 kilowatts and a maximum range of 4 kilometers. It is worth mentioning that the purpose of the “Silent Hunter” design is mainly to search, as well as track and destroy, those low-flying drones. And its power can also “ablate” or penetrate a full 5 2mm steel plates within 800 meters. Or within 1000 meters, a single 5mm steel plate.

It is understood that the “Silent Hunter” laser anti-aircraft guns ordered by Saudi Arabia. It was delivered in the first quarter of this year. And in order to simplify the logistics, all of them are the Mercedes-Benz truck chassis designated by the Saudi military. Afterwards, these systems exported by us achieved good results in the Saudi Arabia confrontation and the Houthi armed drone battle. Saudi media has previously reported that 13 of these “Silent Hunter” laser cannons have been shot down by Houthi drones. To this end, Saudi officials also specially awarded certificates to the operators of “Silent Hunters”. This move shows that the Saudi military exported these “silent hunters” to us. The performance on the battlefield is very satisfactory.

It is worth noting that the attack cost of this weapon is still very low. So after Saudi Arabia released this “buyer show” on social media. It immediately attracted the attention of many countries to this weapon. After all, the performance is really too bright. It is foreseeable that our weapon will start to sell well soon.