The People’s Liberation Army just took a step towards the Taiwan Strait, and the United States and Taiwan panicked? What are they afraid of and how will they choose

Crooks and evil ways can never defeat justice, and the future of the Taiwan Strait is no different.

One: The People’s Liberation Army just took a step towards the Taiwan Strait and the United States and Taiwan panicked?

From beginning to end, the initiative in the Taiwan Strait is in our own hands, and the future of the Taiwan Strait will be dominated by us Chinese, which means: the PLA is a solid force for defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and it will also be used in the Taiwan Strait. Proper ways to promote the reunification of the motherland are completely legitimate and legal.

Against this background, the PLA’s warning patrols and actual combat drills in the Taiwan Strait have become normal, and a certain number of aircraft and warships are dispatched to carry out related tasks every day. There is indeed nothing wrong with the behavior . , but the United States and Taiwan will express the “panic” vividly.

Let’s talk about the Taiwan authorities first.

They clearly know that the PLA’s actions in the Taiwan Strait are for the reunification of the motherland, but they are still reluctant to face the reality, and even use the so-called “Taiwan Strait Midline” as a gimmick to maliciously judge our legitimate actions.

Some time ago, Qiu Guozheng made such a statement:

Once the PLA’s aircraft and ships cross the “strait center line” and enter a range of 12 nautical miles, the Taiwan military can regard it as an “attack” and immediately open fire.

It is not difficult to see that the statement at this time was indeed tough, but after more than ten days, Qiu Guozheng overturned his position, claiming that “if there is a situation of crossing the ‘Taiwan Strait Central Line’, the first choice of the Taiwan Army will not be ‘fire’. , but to warn according to the established level” , leaving a way for himself between his words and deeds.

In just ten days, what did Qiu Guozheng realize to make such a change? Why are you so nervous?

As far as Taiwan’s consistent style is concerned, the reasons are also very intuitive:

The reason why the Taiwan authorities first issued such a tough view and attitude is to use this trumped-up method to get us out of the Taiwan Strait, but my direction is not afraid of anything, and how could it be affected by such remarks, so we are in the Taiwan Strait . There has been no change in normal military operations.

Seeing such a situation, the Taiwan authorities will naturally not be unmoved. However, if the Taiwan military really set the so-called “Taiwan Strait Middle Line” as the standard as Qiu Guozheng said, and really opened fire, then the Taiwan Strait There will be a strife, and unification will quickly become a reality.

If that time comes, it is indeed difficult to compete with the strength of the Taiwan army, so Qiu Guozheng had to stand up and explain quickly, and expressed his attitude that “the Taiwan army will not open fire first”. But even so, the behavior of the Taiwan side has not changed substantially, the “independence-seeking” behavior still exists, and the confrontation behavior of the Taiwan authorities is still obvious.

Although they have shown “panic” to us and their behavior seems to have restrained, but the basic direction is wrong, and they will fail in the end. We need to make more comprehensive preparations to make the reunification a reality as soon as possible.

Back to America.

We must be clear that the status quo in the Taiwan Strait is inseparable from the misconduct of the United States. Previously, it was also because American officials insisted on moving to Taiwan that the temperature in the Taiwan Strait remained high and cross-strait relations were implicated.

Of course, when the United States crossed the line and had a real impact on our reunification cause, it did receive severe sanctions and warnings from our side, and the loss of interests was inevitable, and the United States could only accept it.

At the same time, the normal exercises and actions of the Eastern Theater Command in the Taiwan Strait have become more frequent.

But even against such a big background, the US’s “Taiwan-related” small moves have not converged.

U.S. President Biden has repeatedly stated that he ” will intervene in the Taiwan Strait” and “will support the Taiwan authorities”, but every time at this time, people or organizations will quickly appear in the United States to clarify, and even use various reasons to forcibly explain them in vain. Its intentions are indeed wrong by evading the past and continuing to use the “fuzzy policy toward Taiwan” (while acknowledging the “one China principle” without reducing Taiwan-related behavior).

For this situation, we can understand it as:

The United States has known China’s firm determination and perseverance for reunification, and it has rarely shown “panic”.

However, the inappropriate remarks and actions of the United States still exist in the recent period. US Secretary of State Blinken even responded openly, saying that we are trying to speed up the “capture” of Taiwan. Such provocative remarks that distort the facts are undoubtedly exacerbating the contradictions between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. is arching fire.

In the face of this situation, the United States naturally has the voice of “forcible explanation”, but no matter how the United States expresses it, it is difficult to hide the current situation of “already panicked”.

Furthermore, we have our own plans and steps in the great cause of acquiring Taiwan, and it is impossible for us to change due to some inappropriate remarks by foreign forces . paid for their misconduct statements. If at that time, the United States will show the so-called “panic” again, it will be really laughable and generous.

Two: How will the United States and Taiwan decide, and what are they afraid of?

It is the best choice to make a living and stop in time, and the person who knows the current affairs is Junjie.

In the face of the misbehavior of the United States and Taiwan (“Taiwan independence” separatist activities, the United States distorts the facts), we have issued a severe condemnation and a solemn warning, and once again emphasized that “the resolution of the Taiwan issue is our own business”, and a tough attitude has been taken. to the bright side.

Under such a clear situation, there are indeed not many choices before the United States and Taiwan, and what they are afraid of is our strong strength and the severe sanctions against them after reunification. However, they may not make the right choice.

If the United States and Taiwan are aware of current affairs, stop their misconduct abruptly, and actively promote cross-strait reunification, the result will be acceptable to everyone. However, the probability that the United States and Taiwan may choose this way is almost zero. We must give up our illusions and recognize the reality.

This also means that even though the situation in the Taiwan Strait is quite severe, the probability of the United States and Taiwan choosing to “continue to collude and seek independence” is relatively high, and the situation we will face is still not optimistic.

Of course, these are all speculations made by the author based on the actual situation. As for the real trend of the situation and the real choice of the United States and Taiwan, we still have to look at it objectively and remain rational.

However, no matter what choice the US and Taiwan will make in the end, the misconduct they have already made has already caused a lot of substantive impact on our reunification, no matter what choice they make in the end, they must pay the price they deserve. Need to give an explanation.

For the “independence seekers” on the island, the stubborn “independence seekers” who have been included in the “list” are just the beginning. If it really affects the reunification of the two sides of the strait, the consequences will be far beyond imagination, and I hope they can make With the right choice, crooked ways can never defeat justice.