The P agency game “Victoria 3” was officially launched on October 25. How is your experience?

Every game I played was an attempt to go farming in the Qing Dynasty without expanding the industrial country. As a result, I spent the entire 3 nights of the game from the release, and I gradually became familiar with the economic system.

There are about two major hurdles. The first is that there is a period in the early and middle stage where it is very easy to run a deficit and close to bankruptcy. At this time, iron ore and tools will never be enough. It must be boiled down to the technology of the Central Archives, and then the tax will be reduced. Soaring into the sky, the construction power of three or four hundred is full of finances, and it is also a green word.

The second is that the entire production chain will need to be completely renovated after the power technology is pointed out. The amount of electricity required is extremely terrifying. At this time, other resources are often in short supply. Basically, all resource buildings must be replenished. This is the most difficult time. , accidentally on a -1M deficit. What is even more frightening is that this period often reaches the most important stage of reform. It is almost the same time as elections and the abolition of imperial power. This period really collapses if you don’t pay attention. Financial explosion + internal riots, read files at any time.

It’s too stuck, I feel that the old problems of the P club have not changed. If you play big powers such as Germany, Britain, and France, you can feel a clear sense of stagnation since the 1880s, especially when moving the map. Move all the way to the left and then pull in the middle and can’t stop, you often need to pull to the right.

There may be a bug. After a battle, the navy sometimes encounters situations where the morale cannot be recovered or the recovery is extremely slow. When you hover the mouse over the fleet, a sign showing how long it will take to recover will be displayed, but after the time is up, the morale will be No noticeable change.

My solution is to demolish the naval base and rebuild it, but I have to say, this solution is quite cerebral palsy, but sometimes it is not encountered.

The conditions for the establishment of Germany have become more difficult, because a lot of your energy is caught in arranging the industrial structure, colonization, and card capital surplus, and it is difficult to focus on diplomacy and war. , forget that Rahannover favored the situation.

There is a simple solution, arrange the industrial structure there, you can set it in the following order.

Level 1: Lumber mill, equipment manufacturing plant

Level 2: iron ore, arms, food

Tier 3: Coal Mine, Steel

Level 4: Engine, Electric

Don’t build a lot of each plot, build one first, and then fill it up gradually. The money structure of V3 is like this. To make tools, you need to buy wood, and to do everything else, you need tools. Therefore, logging farms and equipment manufacturing factories are very basic. Your funds come from the taxes drawn in this transaction process, so don’t let Domestic factories lose money, they can’t make money, and you can’t make money either.

With this foundation in place, other industries can be supplemented according to the situation. The powers need to be comprehensive, and other countries are best to be single, such as wood, tools, furniture, such as wood, tools, steel, and arms, and produce some commodities that the powers are in desperate need to make money.

If you have money, you can do other things.

The most important thing is not to put a certain thing there at the beginning. If a profit chain cannot be formed, it is easy for the capital chain to break and end.

Depending on the situation to expand the industry, in the end, Prussia is really a novice trap. The novice giant is easy to die, not as comfortable as the previous generation Bismarck 2. After all, it’s really easy to raise your blood pressure when your Schleswig is swallowed by the Scandinavian federation.

Politics is very simple, report strong powers, and then reform whatever you want to reform, if there is a revolution, you will directly fight. The thigh directly beats you, the real global military police.

In the end, I was really stuck. After the industry came up in the later stage, it was really a huge card. I couldn’t play the 20th century at all. Be sure to buy an i9 computer, or play a V3 with a banana stick.

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