The original Kamikaze Collection Mond chapter lifts the memory and kills! Hidden 88 details, attracting global players to discuss

“Even if you are busy pursuing the meaning of your journey, please don’t forget the scenery you used to be with.”

A few days ago, Mihayou released the “Yuanshen” Scenery Collection Short Film – Mond Chapter, which showed Mond’s customs and customs one by one in front of the players, and set off a memory killing in the form of animated short films, which moved many players to tears. .

Some players have noticed that besides Mihayou, there is another company that makes Fengwuji short films. This company is also the world’s top animation company. They have participated in the production of “Love, Death and Robots”, and also “League of Legends”. “The director of the 2019 championship promotional film, Mihayou invited such a strong company to create the memory killing series, which shows his intentions.

Judging from the Mond chapter, the production level of the short film is quite high. Accompanied by the melodious music, the sunset fruit sparkled in the wild, and small animals such as crabs and butterflies stretched their bodies lazily. They slowly approached the city of Mond surrounded by windmills, the place where players first explored, we The memory was pulled up all at once.

Later, the perspective of the short film came to Monde City, Flora blew the dandelion, and the familiar buildings such as the Dawn Winery, the Cathedral, the Goddess were presented in front of everyone, and the Gothic buildings in the morning and twilight were once again Express admiration.

Later, NPCs such as Charles and Sister Gilliana appeared on the screen, and Wendy, the god of wind, played music under the windy tree, and Qiuqiu people slept while driving away the mosquitoes around them. Every scene was so warm.

At the end of the short film, it freezes to the big tree in the wind, a place full of green and vitality. This picture is too shocking, and this frame can be used as a wallpaper.

The short video of only more than 2 minutes made players’ memories flood into their hearts. Players around the world were deeply touched and heated discussions began. A player said: “Everything and scene in Mond City is so familiar, it’s strange to say that I know everyone who appears, even if they are just NPCs.”

However, Riwang was already crying, “Flora is so cute, and dandelion seeds ignite hope”, “It’s all places where players leave footprints, and I have goosebumps all over my body, thank you Mihayou!”

Many foreign players were moved by the details in the short film. For example, Qiuqiu and Ella Musk had a long conversation in the evening. There was even a picture of Lei Ze’s parents discussing their child’s name. The infinitely warm picture was hidden under the scene. The knife also pierced the player’s tears. And the details in the short film are too numerous to list. Some players did a rough calculation and found that there are as many as 88 details!

Mihayou released the “Original Gods Collection Short Film – Mond”, and many players were puzzled. In fact, the author believes that Mihayou has written his intentions at the bottom of the short film. The significance of their series of short films is probably to remind players: “”Genshin Impact” not only has abyss, damage and strength, but also beautiful scenery And the journey you have traveled. When everyone is tired of fighting, you might as well stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, this is the meaning of our game.”

In short, the picture of the short film is full of warmth and tranquility. In this era of involution, scenery collections like “Yuan Shen” not only let us relax in the game, but also heal in reality. Thank you Mihayou, I also look forward to the early release of Liyue Ina’s wife Sumeru.