The optimal solution for the slow download of Beiyunita 3, the speed is increased by 84 times, and it can be prostituted for free

On October 28th, Beiyunita 3 (Angel and Witch 3) was officially released. The Witch 3 is a pure action game. If you love action games, then you must not miss this game.

The performance of the switch console is not as good as that of PS and xbox, but the performance of Witch 3 in the switch console is still very good, with excellent frame locking performance, smooth fighting action, and the ending animation after each BOSS is defeated, which is also handsome. no.

Witch 3 requires a total of about 15 GB to install. At first, when I saw this memory, I knew that the game must be good. After the trial, it was not disappointing.

The game is 15G, so many players will inevitably encounter problems such as slow download speed, slow download, and long download time. The following will share with you the optimal solution.

To solve the download problem of switch, do you need a host acceleration box and an accelerator? The answer is no, this is a very useful switch download tool, and it can be used for free.

The detailed operation steps are as follows:

1. First, find and pay attention to Jingyou host acceleration treasure in WeChat

2. Enter the password [Jingyou 666] in the dialog box to get exclusive prostitution traffic

3. According to the configuration, make network settings in the switch host, and download and take off after completion.

The following will show you the comparison between the actual bare connection and the accelerated one.

When I was naked, it ran from more than 90 hours to about 70 hours. To put it bluntly, it was almost impossible to download in this state.

After the acceleration of the game host acceleration treasure, the speed is immediately raised, and it only takes 51 minutes to complete. The gap in between is 84 times, and the gap is really big.

Don’t look at the fact that there are many friends who have switch consoles, but in fact, most players still play single-player games, so the game console Accelerator is definitely the most trustworthy partner. Help everyone to solve the game problem, I hope everyone has a happy game.